Dear Lou ,

The 40 day fast was definitely intense valleys, surrendering my flesh, submitting to God, heavenly moments and wisdom !!
I am 52 and felt called to missions since 18 years old . I’ve been on four life changing short term trips and always wanted to do more. There was always a “but God “ in the way of why I couldn’t do it.
A couple years ago I kept hearing YWAM in my spirit . I checked out there base and got Loren Cunningham’s book Is That Really You God. Every time I read it I closed it because it spoke to me. A year ago after a walk to Emmaus retreat I keep hearing “GO!”
I attended the Orlando SEND , gave God my feet !!!, committed to the fast, applied to YWAM and now enrolled for DTS in June !!
I don’t know what’s next, but I’m stepping out in faith with simple obedience . I am excited and uncertain and I know I can trust God no matter what!!

Thank you for all the fasting writings!! Powerful !!

God is so awesome!!


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