During The Send, I agreed to do a 40 day fast. This was my first extended fast so I didn’t quite know what to expect. Ultimately, I prayed that God would send more laborers into the harvest and I also prayed for my family and friends.Shortly after I completed the fast, my Mom took a plane to visit me. Now I must make mention here that she has had food allergies to dairy since I can remember and could not eat any dairy without being in pain.On the day she arrived, my Mom told me excitedly that she didn’t know what happened but about two weeks ago, she accidentally ate cheese and had absolutely no side effects at all! (She actually had people mess up food orders multiple times and put cheese in her food. Regardless, she had no pain or digestive issues).I took out my phone and calculated the time. It had been exactly two weeks and two days since the fast ended.I was and am now a more firm believer in prayer and fasting and will be doing it more often. Thank you Jesus for healing my Mom!!!