TheCall was a movement rooted in love. At the heart of TheCall is love for God and for all people. Our desire is to see God restore the foundations of Christian faith in America and revive the nations.

TheCall exists to bring believers into their place of authority in God’s Ekklesia. TheCall is not a political event. It is a gathering of believers, making their petition to God’s government that is higher than every other government. From this position of authority, prayer is made for political, educational, and spiritual leaders as directed in 1 Timothy 1-2.
 TheCall seek to establish houses of prayer everywhere we go. TheCall’s passion was to establish sustained prayer furnaces in every city solemn assemblies are held.

For eighteen years, TheCall gathered hundreds of thousands to the churches, fields, & stadiums of America and the world for solemn assemblies in the spirit of Joel 2–a summons to prayer, fasting, repentance, & worship. From these gatherings, we have seen great initiatives launched, cities transformed & regional breakthroughs occur.

Let’s believe that stadiums will be filled with signs and wonders. We are entering into the days of a third Great Awakening and another Jesus People Movement.

Even though the name of TheCall has come to an end, the call to fasting and prayer will continue. Part of which will be a global call to 40 days of fasting for worldwide harvest every year.

Personally, I have launched Lou Engle Ministries to facilitate the voice and ministry of prayer the Lord has given to me. My own natural sons and daughters will be deeply involved in the administration and assignments going forward in the next stage of my life. I am so excited! As a father in the ministry I will continue resource and equip spiritual sons and daughters across the nations.

My dear friends of many years, Paul and Cheryl Amabile, continue to trumpet the prophetic assignments given to myself and to our covenantal community through “The Briefing”, to stir up revelation-fueled intercession. I have also released my amazing spiritual son and daughter David and Audry Kim to launch a movement called Contend, which I believe will take a double-portion of TheCall’s DNA and message of fasting, prayer and Nazirite consecration to the next generation and beyond.

What’s next for Lou?


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