I came from a extremely broken home my mum left me when I was Only four years old, my dad was a really bad drunk and was violent, I was never allowed out , I felt like a prisoner life was awful I hated my entire existence at the age of 11 I built the courage up to run away from home and I never went back ever, I lived on the streets for 10 years whilst spending some time in prison mainly due to my severe drug alcohol addiction I also went from foster care and various children’s homes not settling anywhere constantly feeling empty and broken. Fast forward a few years and I was at my worst on the verge of a nervous breakdown I couldn’t function with drugs or beer and my life was in bits and all thought about doing was ending it all, I ended up climbing over a motor way bridge when I was 21 with the aim of taking my own life, but Jesus had a different plan for my life about 12 months before going to the bridge my best friend overdosed on drugs and and nearly died as a result he found faith and started going to church. One day he pulled me on the estate where we are both from and told me that Jesus loves me I was dead in side and had no time for religion or God but out of respect I smiled and just walked off, right back to the bridge it was about 2am in the morning with not a soul in sight as I am about to jump when suddenly I hear the voice of my friend in my head saying Jesus loves you and at first I was like wow I’m totally loosing my mind but then I heard it again but this time I heard it in my heart and something powerful happened that night on that cold dark scary bridge I had a encounter with Jesus , he saved me he really touched my heart in such a powerful way and has been blessing my life ever since I have now been clean for 22 years I am married with 5 children and 4 amazing grandchildren with another on the way, God has called me as an evangelist I help to pastor the local church which I belong to alongside with my wife Lesley. I have such a great hunger to preach the word of God and see the captives set free and the world changed for Jesus , I am so thankful for what God Has brought me from and I am so privileged that He chooses to use me in different ways to share his amazing Gospel one of the scriptures that really connects with my spirit is Jeremiah 29:11 for I know the plans I have for you Lee says the lord plans to prosper you not to harm you but to give you a Hope and a future.