On December 2018, I was randomly searching for a teaching video to watch on YouTube by Lou and one video popped up that was no coincidence. It is called, "The Nazerite Vow" and what changed my life was when he said, "Oh, God, raise up nazerite parents who will raise nazerite children"As I listened to this great man passionately teach, I desired to do a 40 day fast starting the day of my birthday in January (the following month).During the fast I specifically asked the Lord that our next child be a son. 2 months later I found out I was pregnant!During my 6 week scan I was told there was an empty gestational sac that they thought either I lost the pregnancy or I was not pregnant at all. I told them, "oh, I am pregnant and it is a son." I also had confidence my pregnancy was fine because 4 weeks before my positive test the Lord told me his name which is Hawaiian and his name means:"A fearless warrior that moves like a cool wind (breeze) over the mountains".When I was 8 weeks pregnant (around the time my son showed up on the ultrasound to the surprise of the doctor who thought he didn't exist) I asked the Lord to confirm the name he chose for our son - that night He gave me a dream...I saw a mighty/intimidating man to behold with very dark red, leathery looking skin (he obviously spent a lot of time in the sun) and very long (almost to his waist), thick, black hair surfing on a surfboard made out of Koa wood, on a tsunami wave that looked to be massively hundreds of feet high!This wild man was surfing with total ease toward an island covered in mountains and on this island were many demonic giants, as he surfed his eyes never dropped/broke focus off that island, he kept staring it down.This tsunami wave was not water but a angelic host of warriors and the wind blowing through the mountains on the island were from the wings from this host... the closer this surfer came to the island the more violent the wind, the more violent the wind the more these demonic giants were being tossed around like rag dolls against the mountain sides - they had no control over themselves and were at the mercy of this wind and the wind was merciless.I asked the Lord who this man was and He responded:"He is your son. He will have the heart of a Nazerite - consecrated to Me and he will be a mighty intercessor that will bring down the high places. Raise him accordingly."Before I woke up I heard in the dream the chorus of a song i first heard during my fast watching a the Azusa Now stadium meeting where Native Americans sang this song, which I heard in my dream:"When the wind of the Spirit blows, warrior, come on and ride the wind..."Thank You, Mr. Engle, for being so faithful to the Lord and teaching about fasting and prayer... it has changed my life!