Sweep The Skies: Peru

Apr 25, 2019

I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace, 

 where never lark, or even eagle, flew; 

 and, while with silent, lifting mind I’ve 

 trod the high untrespassed sanctity of space…


 It’s interesting that in the poem, he treads the high untrespassed sanctity of space. As we tread around our Jericho’s we also tread the high places of space. The demonic realm has trespassed in the 2nd heavens this sanctity of space. Our call in the flight of fasting is to sweep the skies.  


 Today I travel to Peru to call the whole nation into the 40 Day Jesus Fast preceding The 1Nation1Day spiritual harvest sweep of Peru. It takes place on June 29th, 2019. 


My journey to Peru started in 1999 when a Peruvian lady came to me and said she had a dream of a Roman War Goddess heaping up huge waves on this body of water. People were swimming in the body of water but couldn’t get to their destinies because of the waves. Then an angel came to her saying the only thing that can break the power of this spirit is 40 days of fasting like Jesus on water. 


 She asked me if the dream meant anything to me. I answered immediately with an emphatic ‘yes!’ because on the state seal of California is the Roman War Goddess Minerva and she is sitting on San Francisco Bay. Could there be a spirit of Jezebel that has been hindering California from fulfilling its destiny?


 For three years, I waited on the dream. When I was flying back from The Call Korea to mobilize for The Call San Francisco, I was apprehended with that dream. An intense longing came over me to fast the fast of the Peruvian lady. I had never done a water fast for 40 days and was gripped with an irrational fear that I would die. My soul was in a wrestling match with God. Suddenly he spoke to me, “Do you love California enough to die for it?” I knew the Lord was calling me to true intercession, for it is at the cross where principalities and powers are broken. I said to the Lord, “I hope I love California enough to die for it, but You need to confirm this to me.” I came back to Los Angeles and met with the young man who was married to the Peruvian lady who dreamed the original dream. Knowing nothing of my request for confirmation, he said to me, “My wife just had another dream last night. A woman came to her and said, ‘Lou is fasting the fast you dreamed about three years ago, he thinks he is going to die, but he will not die.’” I was in shock and awe. The fast was no longer a good idea, it was a sovereign divine assignment.  


 For 40  days I fasted almost completely on water, cleansing myself of all inward toleration of Jezebel. Revelation chapter 2 promises that he who overcomes Jezebel will be given authority over the nations. Every day, I took my stand and resisted that Roman war goddess, that Jezebel spirit, declaring the victory of the cross. On the 31st day of that fast at 1 o’ clock in the morning, I dreamt I was flying over California declaring the victory of the cross over Jezebel. I woke up roaring in the spirit. I knew that in fasting, I had gained the freedom of flight and air supremacy over some dimension of the powers of darkness. I don’t have time in this blog to tell the incredible fruit of that fast, but it became a defining moment for the rest of my prayer and fasting pilgrimage. 


 The following morning I took an airplane flight from San Diego to St. Louis. At takeoff, as I gazed out my window seat, I saw a huge mural of Charles Lindbergh on the airport terminal wall. I wondered why his painting was there. I didn’t know that it was Charles Lindbergh Airport. Charles Lindbergh was the young man who first flew a plane across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Paris. The name of his plane was The Spirit of St. Louis. As I winged my way to St. Louis I experienced what I call “an intimate kiss from heaven.” You know, it’s like when God surprises you and tells you who you are to Him. I heard his whisper, “You are St Louis to me and you’re flying the Spirit of St Louis.” Immediately I began weeping trying to hide the deep sobbing welling up from within my spirit. God called me by my name and I reached out and touched the face of God. 


 My friend picked me up at the airport in St. Louis and the first thing he said was, “I had a dream of you last night at 3 o’clock in the morning.” He was dreaming the same time I was, with the 2 hour time difference. In his dream, he heard a voice say, “Because Lou has been faithful on his fast, I have given him authority over Jezebel into the nations and wherever The Call goes, I will establish My house of prayer.” It was the same scripture from Revelation 2:20-26 that I had been praying for 31 days straight. 


 I looked up Charles Lindbergh and found out that his plane, The Spirit of St. Louis, was built in San Diego, and its first flight was to St. Louis. When I saw this the Lord spoke to me, “What Charles Lindbergh did in the natural, you will do in the spiritual. You will raise up an air force of long distance fasting flyers who like Daniel, in his 21 day fast, will shift principalities and powers over whole nations, and they will sweep the skies like no other generation releasing the great harvest of history. 


 It began with the Peruvian lady’s dream, and today I fly to Peru believing that The Spirit of St. Louis will fly over the whole nation, and in 1 day the whole nation will be saved. Pray for 1Nation1Day Peru. 


 Our 2020 vision is the 40 day fast in every nation during Lent to sweep the skies.


  1. Miriam Gleason

    Im from Peru but lived in Redding. Bethel is my home church and I would love to come in June 29 to support this day of prayer could you give me more information please

  2. Deanna Dyck

    Praying for you Lou as you go to Peru. We loved meeting the women from Peru in Brazil las year with Stacy. They put Peru on the map for us. I look forward to going there one day. 🙏🙏 for many many souls❤️

  3. Annette Thiesen

    I am a life long missionary in Iquitos, Peru, together with my husband, we raised our 4 children here and planted over 60 churches on the rivers. I am connected with a base of women pastors and prayer ntercessors that have been praying for Reformation and Transformation of Peru for 30 years. We are so thrilled to know that God has sent you to Peru to join us in this battle for the soul of the nation! Please send me any prayer focus that you may have specific for Peru.
    Thank you for obeying the Father!

  4. Kim Gilliam wyrick

    I am so proud of you. I don’t understand all what you said but I’m proud. Brought tears to my eyes. Love you

  5. Juan Herrera

    PowerFull, we are fasting, is a big Chalenge. Am in Piura, i´m part of 1n1d

  6. Rosa America Ramos Mejia

    Dios siga prosperando su ministerio…Gracias por estar en mi pais…El 29 de junio es un dia de muchas bendiciones para Peru…

  7. Diane

    Bless you LOU! You are surly anointed by the Lord! I will be going on the missionsme trip to Peru next month! Hope to see you on the big day!!! So excited!!!


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