I had heard about The Send from my cousin who lives in Tampa. Then a few weeks later Lou Came to my church, Greenhouse to Share his vision God gave him for The Send. While he was speaking my spirit was leaping on the inside. My cousin Sasha and I volunteered as ushers. Our relief never showed up, so we ushered the whole day and had the best time. Definitely God’s amazing grace. We didn’t get sunburned, neither did our legs hurt from going up & down the stairs seating people! One of the most amazing times of our life! There was a shift in my life that day to go deeper into God to press in and to cry out here I am Lord. I already had a sense I was moving to Orlando for personal reasons but after The Send that sealed the deal. I may have been going originally for what I thought was the reason but I God has a bigger plan for me moving to Orlando. Not only has my home church planted a church in Orlando, but I just found Jesus Image. I am doubly blessed and can’t wait to see where the Lord wants to take me. I am so grateful for those who have contended for God’s heart to send forth the laborers to bring in the harvest. I am blessed to be a part of it. It’s an exciting time! Kim M