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Going to the Send opened my heart. I am still trying to figure out my purpose of how I am to serve the lord. This was the first time I ever did a fast. I could not have gotten through it with out Lou’s daily message. This was also the first time I have ever study Gods word. I will continue to study and search for my purpose. God bless you Lou.


During the fast I started praying for about 200 people everyday that I wrote down in my journal; my family, DTS classmates and staff, and friends who God put on my heart. I was prompted by my brother to go to Verizon and cancel some tablets that we never used that were adding a good chunk of money to our bill. So I went to the store and while talking to the rep, he said I could upgrade my phone for $1.50 more a month. So I said yes and while we were transferring the data from old phone to the new, the rep asked me why my brother and I kept putting our phone lines on hold. I then explained that we’re missionaries through YWAM, and that he was doing a school in England (SBS) and that I was in Taiwan for part of my DTS. Through that I spoke with him for about an hour about the Gospel, Jesus’s love for him, and missions. When I was leaving the store, I asked to pray for him and he said yes so I got love on him like Jesus. He was promptly added to my list of people to pray for. Praise be to Jesus!


This fast has completely changed my world and spiritual life. I started the fast with a craving for more of God, a sense of desperation to see God do something NEW. I began praying with an authority I didn’t have in the past. I felt God was truly listening to my prayers and like he was writing them down. I had INCREDIBLE encounters and moments of worship in my room where I truly felt God was next to me. I had moments where I had full on dialogue with the Lord as I just sat on the floor of my bedroom asking him questions and hearing his answers. As I would go about my day I was see go through the day. As I would go to a church service I felt my worship had grown because my closeness to Jesus had grown. I truly have felt that God has walked with me throughout this fast. I’ve also been so blessed by all the devotionals and resources that have been shared through the fast. I’ve been so encouraged in knowing that thousands of us were fasting for one purpose. I’m sad because the fast is over but I know that this closeness with the Lord and this passion can be carried over and this can be my daily living! Thanks to all for putting this fast together SO excited for what is to come! God will continue to blow our minds.


In a word, this fast changed my life. Your blog helped every step of the way and so I will continue reading it. While I can’t say how it will affect revival and the sending of laborers, if what has happened in my personal life is any indication, I know I had an impact. I have had a flame ignited and a release of his gifts in corporate prayer meetings like I have not experienced in years. I have also been dreaming, seeing visions, and hearing His voice in the twilight hours like I haven’t had in years. I’m so excited and grateful to have a small part by joining in the Jesus Fast. P.S. Your book by the same name made an indelible mark on my life. Finally, I heard your call to the Messianic Jewish community last year at your Messiah ‘18. I fasted right after and I will continue to respond as God has set my heart years ago to pray for Jewish revival. During the Jesus Fast, my heart has deepened to see the great harvest of Jewish souls in Israel and in the US. If you do another “Send”-like meeting, I pray you will include the Messianics.


I thank God for this breakthrough experience that has changed my way of living completely.
Now I have my heart, my eyes, my ears open.
On the last three days I’ve started dreaming about my future as a missionary and I also have been receiving revelations of God’s Word.
I’ve begun to pray to the Lord of the harvest to Ekballo labors into His great harvest.
Here I am Jesus!

So many profound changes that we are joining you in the continuation of Prayer and Fasting.
Two days ago, I told my husband, I hoped a fast would continue thru this ministry.
God Bless and Protect y’ all

My prayer is for a boldness to share Jesus Christ. On March 8th I was involved in a head on collision with a drunk driver who was dead on the scene. When the collision happened the white airbags surrounded my whole interior of my truck cab the lights came on there was a white powder released from the airbags and I could just feel the presence of the Lord in the cab with me. I now have a platform to stand on asking others if this was you in the other vehicle where would you be for eternity? For a long time I have been thankful for the blessings and favor over my life but it has been taken to a whole new level now. I know what God has called me to do and I am just waiting for him to help me for fill the calling that he’s placed on my life. I have asked Him and continue to ask Him why me why so much favor and blessing over my life and my children’s lives. My mother was Jewish and I was brought up not hearing about Christ but I got to an age where something was missing and I found out that it was Jesus Christ. I praise Him and thank Him for allowing me to share in his kingdom and to tell others about how good our God really is. Thank you for being obedient and bringing the send it was an experience like I have never before.

Thank you for your ministry and dedication. Thank you for leading us in this fast and for all you’ve shared in your daily messages. I have saved each email you sent, planning to do the fast again so I was glad to hear we’re continuing to fast and pray and receive your blogs.
Due to health issues, I haven’t done a complete fast, but I have been challenged and inspired and encouraged in joining with you and all the others who are fasting.
Lord, let Your kingdom come and Your will be done in our nation and in our world!
Ekballo laborers into every people group and into the seven mountains of our nation, in Jesus’ name!

I have gained such clarity re my place in the body. I am His “Anna” (Luke 2:36-38) – set apart for worship, fasting, and prayer – in devotion to Christ, and prayers for the Bride (His church – her maturing in the very nature and mission of Bridegroom Jesus on all mountains of influence!) and with prayers and fasting for the Lost, and the prodigals, and laborers into the harvest fields! I have been ekballo’d as well – serving as an online missionary, sharing the gospel through Global Media Outreach. ( I made business cards with encouragements about how LOVED individuals are, and also including gospel links, such as “” – which has information on how to receive Jesus, as well as discipleship materials! I have had opportunities to share the gospel on the street. People are very hungry and open to hearing of the love of Jesus, and the good news of salvation. I have never sensed such great CLARITY, PASSION, and FOCUS than has come through this 40 day fast! Like you, God has given me a “race track to run on” (Acts 20:24!) God is on the MOVE! We are in the days of acceleration, and global harvesting! GLORY! I JOIN YOU, precious Lou, in your ongoing vision of revival, awakening, and HARVEST! Praise our Lord!!! God’s richest blessings to you, your family, upon your ministry! (Ephesians 3:14-21!) Sue Justice

I have experienced Jesus in countless, powerful ways over the past 40 days including some significant breakthroughs in our family.

Back in 2015, God put a call on my life to “refuse to leave the next generation behind,” that eventually led us to start a ministry called Brave Girls Gather in 2017. Over the past 40 days, he has confirmed that call and opened doors of opportunity that could only be Him, bringing people behind and within our ministry. I sense Him opening doors that no man can shut. One particular day during the fast, I asked God to confirm His call on me again. Later that night, a friend I hadn’t heard from in quite some time, messaged me that she was in church worshipping and praying when God gave her a vision of her and I as lionesses guarding and protecting the next generation as they ran to us for guidance. Our ministry exists to empower the next generation to live out the wonder of their purpose by equipping the church with tools to connect and invest in their lives. This friend has very little awareness of our ministry’s vision and mission. She later went to the altar for prayer, where the woman praying for her called her a “lion.” God had specifically given me the picture of the church holding up shields of faith to protect the next generation. The desperation we see in the next generation today are because the enemy, prowling around like a lion, understands their worth. It’s time for the church to see their Kingdom purpose too and send a thunderous roar over them from the real Lion of Judah.

I have also seen a breakthrough in my husbands walk with Jesus and in our marriage. Things I have prayed over for years!

My family of 6(kids ages ranging from 15-10) attended the Send. My parents (I am the oldest child) always want to experience what God has for our family, and The Send was a way Of opening doors for us.

Throughout the day of the Send, Andy Byrd and others called out for people to come forward to adopt children. My family almost simultaneously agreed that we were being called to bring a child into our home and give them a life, and show them the love of God.

2 days after the Send, we are driving home, to Knoxville, Tennessee, and my parents and I are working together to research the best way to go about adopting. We immediately felt weird when looking into the process. We agreed that if God really wanted to have us do this, he’d show us the kid he wanted us to have.

A few days go by, and my mom calls a friend who has 3 adopted children of their own, for advice. He tells her of a family who had just introduced themselves to him (specifically, on the Sunday after the Send). They had 2 little kids, age 3 and 5, who they had been fostering for 2 years, and needed a home for them so that they didn’t have to go back into foster care.

Fast forward to today. God has moved in mighty ways. It is a private adoption, and these two adorable children will be moving in with us the first week of May, with guardianship transferred by the end of April. Adoption papers will be signed by Christmas of this year!

Through our obedience, God has given brother and sister, Bella Elizabeth and Jeremiah King, a new home that will raise them to be warriors for Christ!!

God has led me to this fast to stir me into a deeper desire to continue fasting more frequently than I have in the past. Your post on day 39 has just confirmed what God has been stirring in me to continue fasting to see His hand move in the end time harvest. Please keep in touch with me.

On this journey in fasting my second 40 day fast the first for Promise Keeper’s the St.Petersburg gather along with our local church. So it has been a while then now this fast. I do prison ministry in the panhandle of Florida. I have been in ministry as a volunteer disciplining men thru a Messianic Jewish bible study as well as mentoring. The revival fires are happening as well as men being released into society changed do Gods work. These men are disciplines the fire is in them as well me
True revival begins with repentance and not about you dying to this flesh daily as the spirit man will see Yeshua work mightly in unity to love one another as he loves you. Shalom Shalom with our Messiah Yeshua.

This fast and Lou’s prophetic emails have been confirming things for my husband and I that we have been believing for since before we were married 2 years ago.

We’ve known that we are those worshippers that will travel the country. We’ve been praying for the timing and years ago we felt like it was coming in September of 2019! Other emails have been so word for word things we have prayed and written in journals we read them crying. It has confirmed our life calling and given us greater clarity on our next steps!


Breakthrough in my ministry and my grandson’ s life. Prayer life increased. Hearing more clearly. Thanks, Lou, could not have done it without your encouraging messages💕🕊

During the fasting and prayer time I have experienced breakthrough with prayer, taking my mind off of my own problems and setting it more on others. I felt I was lacking something, yet every time I prayed and fasted during lunch time, I found myself rejuvenated, like the Spirit had awoken in me.
While I have missed a few days, and I don’t experience the same thing, I know that this time has changed my life. I have had the same thought that it won’t end now but I will work to make Prayer and fasting a once a week occurrence.
I am excited to enjoy lunch again and continue to experience all God has done for me. Thank you for hosting this once in a lifetime experience, I really enjoyed it.

This fast has really stretched me. The daily devotionals have radically affected my heart. I have been crying out for increased focus and vision.
I struggle with chronic headaches…they have intensified during the fast, so I altered my fast accordingly. I cry out to our Father for grace for fasting and focused intercession daily! I desire to continue with this…may His Kingdom come, His will be done, in my life, as well as the world.
If anyone has any suggestions on how I can streamline my thoughts…any advice/encouragement from their personal experience in this fast, I will gladly welcome it. Thanks. ~Judy


This 40 day fast has been a test in my life. I was not able to fast food or even do a Daniel fast with what my job entails (firefighter), but I wanted to fast something that was hard to go without and let me fully put my faith and trust in the Lord and that was sleep. I committed to waking up early before work or before anyone would be awake to have time with Him and digging in the Word like I never have before. Lou, your daily emails kept me on track and opened up new doors to the Bible and some of the great stories in it. I found myself reading chapter after chapter some days and bringing me closer to my Heavenly Father and learning just to stop and listen to His voice. Thank you for stirring something new inside of me, something that will help me bring in the harvest! Until He returns, Josh

Thank you Mr. Lou for this opportunity to be challenged and catapulted to go deeper into intercession! You and your testimonies are such an encouragement and inspiration to press and press! I am truly grateful to have the privilege of being ignited by the fire our Holy Spirit has placed in you! You are a fire-starter for the Kingdom—a Kingdom arson (if you will). God is abundantly blessing your obedience!🙏🙌❤️

Jason Nasr

I have had soo many prophetic dreams in my fast for myself and for my nation, Lebanon.

My life has been challenged and changed during these fasts. I feel so blessed to be part of a group of the body of Christ who is banding together to pray for change and for a move of God. I want to continue to fast and pray and to receive your emails of encouragement in fasting and prayer, Lou. Thank you for your faithfulness to the call of God!

Greetings Lou Engle;
Thank you for the invitation for the fast. Although I can fast a meal a day, I can no longer do full days. So for me it was more the 40 days of praying with you and others who were participants. Although I have not had an earth shattering experience, I have been blessed by the Word and participation. Yesterday day I felt encouraged to take another forty days of prayer and worship for labourers to join in the harvest needs of North America. Mexico continues to increase in violence. Jobs are scarce and extortion high for anyone who does earn some money. The USA needs our prayers to support the good people under the Trump administration. Canada is so far from the moorings it was established on, which is the Word of God. We need a change in government which will happen in October of this year. We need to take heed of 2 Chronicles 7:14. God continue to bless you and prosper your Kingdom ministry. As you pray for Canada please pray for the One Accord, a group of pastors traveling across Canada encouraging churches to fast and pray for 21 days, their key verse is 2 Chronicles 7:14. To fight against the Sogi program in our schools and against the LGBTQ agenda in Canada and around the world. You can find their information by doing a google search for One Accord. Thank you.

Being part of this fast stirred up hungry in me to fast more. God gives me a lot of dreams with significant meanings and now I can see much more how dreams can change the course of our lives. But I wanna share one of my dreams in this period.
In the dawn of the day 03/31, I dreamed that I was traveling and I saw the name “Auck”. I thought It was related to Auckland city, since in the dream I was abroad. In this day, the devotional was related to Luke 4:18. Then I prayed for Auckland City and asked God to say me what was it the dream about. After 5 days some thought comes to my mind: searching the origin of the city’s name. So I found out it literally means oak-land. Therefore I decided to search bible verses with the tree’s name. The first one I discovered related to It was Isaiah 61:1-3, and in this right moment I remembered of a prior devotional named “4:18N”. Surprisingly, the devotional with Luke 4:18 and my dream It was on the same day, besides, the message of Isaiah 61 from my dream’s interpretation is related to Luke’s verse.
I believe We must go on praying for the Spirit of the Lord be upon us to set the captive free. Like the oaks trees, we must be resistents in the circumstances, keeping on in His justice, fasting and praying so that He may be glorified and there be the manifestation of his glory.
God bless you all.


Thanks Lou!! I’ll I’ve ever truly wanted is revival and more of Christ… You have helped renew my faith, my hope and my calling. 7 major breakthroughs during this fast!! Jehovah Perazim!!!

My husband and I had just finished a first of the year 21 day fast when at the Send this fast was announced. We both heard God say, do it, I want to take you deeper. We have been in active warfare for 11 years with the spirit of addiction in our only 28-year-old son, so the purposes of the fast, hit home. During the 40 days, our son’s 2-year engagement ended, he has relapsed and home again. Through it all, God has blessed us with the peace that we can not even understand. The chances again to be available with Godly wisdom and advice. The ceaseless prayer of Freedom and complete surrender for his life. We know and claim the calling the Lord has put on him. It was 5 years ago, TODAY, April 9th, we all were serving at the LA Dream Center. We were picking up garage on the street, in front of the Azusa Street house (Bonnie Brae house), the young leader from the Dream Center stopped and announced he has never been able to go through the house, as there was always something going on and wanted to see if we could today. We were allowed to tour, ( short time only, since many were coming soon for the anniversary celebration)!, While in the living room, the young leader announced God had spoken to him there and directed his conversation to my son, Luke, telling him he was to pray for deliverance for Luke right there…in the House… Luke said yes! He was anointed with oil and circled by all of us that day, 5 years ago, right in the house of great revival! So Yes, satan BE GONE!

🙋🏻‍♀️Blessings Brother, my Testimony has been as I live by Faith this Past 9 months since I found my self without a home as a single Mother Sharing custody with the Father of my kids.
And now this Fast. Has been more Peace of God within me. I’m very sensitive to the Spirit and seems ( discerning of the spirits ) and seems like has been much better the freedom within, as I sleep 😴 through the night (God wakes me up sometimes in the night) like He said that He will restore my dreams and vision. Seems like has been an acceleration like He said in my life. I have been having Mantels, Prophets passing double portions of Impartations of what they have to me, lots of Wisdom, Warrior Peace, Purity of Heart, Faith and an Axe etc in all this time. Because God has given me lots of Projects and is equipping me for them. I’m taking several. Classes that He said that God Already equipped me but He wants me to be Certified as a Minister Pastor (3 yrs of School also School of the Prophetic, and others like Liberations (which already tooked Classes in the past but now with a different teacher, Dreams and Visions, as well) because of the Projects that are coming up etc also He added 8 more days so total 48 days to pray for the Nations where He will Send me that already told me decades ago … and for my marriage which already shows me who will be my future Husband but seems like nothing it’s happening in the natural but I trust God. He will bring me a Husband in His Time. New Business, reconciliation with my kids this year, a move to another city. Mmmmm I just think that the Fasting has increased or reinforced what God already told me and to be set free of the enemy bugging me every day, especially in the night (I’m living with Mormons and it’s stuff in around the house that it’s not from God. I’m in Utah) Even so it’s not a diet the Fasting, I lost 30 lbs in the Picture I was on my 7 days of just water 💦 and I felt Great. To the Glory of God!!! 😀 Holy Spirit gave me the Menu and told me what to buy. One week just Water 💦 and Amazing vitamins but I run out of one and God said my Grace it’s Sufficient and not just by bread 🥖 live a men but by His Word… then 7 days of Salads and bread 🥖 with sunflower seeds, then 7 days of soup 🍲 and Salads (simple salads no tomato 🍅 nor avocado 🥑 but at the end was dry tomato ) with bread (flat Naan, flat Greek, and this last one bread with seeds) and go back to repeat 7 days with just Water 💦 etc He did not want me to do just Water hope this make sense 😊 I’m Mexican and English it’s my second language. Thank you 🙏🏼 for your Faithfulness Lou, Blessings for you and your Family and all this People Fasting all over the world 🌎 Ekballo etc we are moving and like God said to a Prophet Ken Christmas last year, that God said no more men’s turn but God turn that He will lift up Jesus name and we see it, even more, this Year. Hahaha, Praise God !!! Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life no men come to the Father but by Him. 🙏🏼❤️✝️🔥🕊🛡⚔️🎁❤️🙏🏼😀 In His Love Diana

Darci Woodard

Dearest Lou,
How I thank God for you! Although this fast was not what I had originally planned ((water only three days a week) the clarity and miracles that have occurred these past 40 days have been humbling and life changing! On day 28 I was struggling and I heard the words” you keep giving me sacrifices to ease you mind, but it’s your heart that I want!” What a loving wonderful Papa God we serve! My intimacy with Him is on a new, deeper level! During this time I have read Pete Grieg’s Book Dirty Glory, and my soul has been stirred to intercede for this generation like never before! I have made many trips to IHOPKC from Des Moines, but am praying that I will be led to a house of prayer or better yet, be involved in raising up houses of prayer in Des Moines! My grown children have left the church and married atheists, so my prayers have personal implications. Thank you for all you do to bring this Joel 2 generation to its fullness in The Kingdom! May God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you’! Love and Peace, Darci
Psalms 133


With the chaos I’ve been going through at home, I’ve been praying for peace and silence so I can hear God more and I’ve been literally desperate. Well this past week my brother has been with his daughter and I had peace and quiet, well he’s got accepted into a rehab facility for alcoholism to get sober and to become better, that he will be going to Tuesday for 45 days in Fort Laudable. It’s crazy how 40 that number seems to be powerful. God is definitely working and I truly see it happening. God is truly doing great things and one thing one of my pastors , whos been a big help to me in this process , Pastor Samuel Rolon in his preaching that I’ve been working on is to try to remain positive and not speak negative so every day I always say it’s going to be a good day and put God first and spend time with Him before work, that makes a huge difference . When we stay faithful to God He is faithful on to us. I read one of your devotionals that you shared, with where it talked about someone extending the JESUS FAST and I had it on my heart to do so and wanted a sign to do it. The head pastor of my church wanted the whole church to be part of a 40-day prayer and it would end with the whole church gathering together for a youth service combining the whole church, that’s everything to me where we can gather together and spend time with the one Who Saved Us. So my JESUS Fast will end on the 26 of April, God is doing great things and I want to keep this up to go deeper with Him. And eventually go out there and pray for people with courage And boldness.

Wonderful Presence of the Lord, clear direction in my calling. Open doors. I could since the unity we had in the spirit. This is not the specifics but thank you Lou, for all you do for the Lord and the body of Christ. Gods blessings on you and all you do.

I have seen the power of God working throughout this time of fasting and prayer. I have seen a change in my health. They found a spot last year and this year not even a trace of it. My daughter told me some real secret things this year about temptation (same-sex attraction) and molestation. My heart was broken and I am grateful I was in prayer. I have seen healing take place in this matter and asking that complete healing takes place in her heart, soul, and spirit. Thanks for this opportunity and I know this is my lifestyle for life.

My dear Pastor Lou and the rest of brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. May God bless you to all of you and me. This fasting time has been for me a re encounter with my first love. Jesus. He called to do great things and my fears stop me. But now I understand his promises,his care and his great love for all of us. We keep praying fasting to see his mercy and glory filling all the earth. That is bis dream and our dream too. Pray for my country Honduras bc He has big pland for it too🙏🙏🙏

Andrea Rocke

It’s so challenging to put into words just how instrumentally the Lord has used you (Lou Engle) in my life, but here it goes; I met you for the first time a couple of months ago in Tallahassee at the International House Of Prayer. You and your lovely family ministered to me and my family (husband, Zac Rocke, my parents, and my sister brother-in-law) in a personal and intimate way that is so unique and special. Before ever meeting you, my sister Amy Correia passed along a little booklet to me back in 2015 – called “Nazarite DNA”. It changed my life and answered the many questions I had as to why God moved me to Florida (a place I said I would NEVER live) without a job, no car, and ultimately only a few bags of clothes to my name. I know now, that He was positioning me for such a time as this, and birthing dreams inside of my heart to see Revival. To see a revolution of believers refusing to settle for anything less than what God has for us. This dream was inside of my heart and it has launched as a non-profit called “Like Wildflowers”. Let me backtrack for one minute because that dream had settled into my heart through trials and tribulations and it gathered dust and despair for a few years. However, sitting with you and your wife, at THOP I could feel that dream again and it began to leap within me. You STIRRED the sleepiness that had fallen on my spirit and revived that dream in me again, on February 5th, 2019 in Tallahassee, FL. So, on February 22nd, 2019 (my birthday) I finally launched Like Wildflowers. Since then, I’ve been fasting and praying and have seen God birth more dreams inside of me, a couple in particular that involves my husband and I together that will hopefully launch this year, but I received very SPECIFIC confirmation from your new book, “The Jesus Fast” (pg. 40) on those dreams. Jesus is so worthy of pressing through the disappointments and persevering no matter the cost. This is God’s promise and He is speaking to me and confirming so much through your obedience and discipline to pray and fast and seek His face. The attached photo is a picture of myself having a “Prayer in the Garden” type moment with my Maker. This is something that the Lord showed me recently, in Luke 22:46 – as disciples of Jesus, we all need to SHAKE the sorrow and the sleep OFF and RISE + PRAY! Fully persuaded of the full access we have as His children. For me, this call all started the day I gave my life to Jesus and made Him my Lord and Savior (May 3rd, 2012), but then something really started to shift on September 25th, 2015 when I left Michigan to answer the call of God on my life and move to Tallahassee. Something else changed when I read “Nazarite DNA”. For about a year and a half, I lived a Daniel Fast. I desirously gave myself to devouring the scriptures, and prayer day and night. I just couldn’t get enough and I knew that the Lord was doing something inside of me. It continues through “The Jesus Fast”, as I’ve yielded myself to God, this fire in my bones burns hotter and hotter. I am in great anticipation to see what the rest of 2019 has in store and especially 2020. I sincerely say, THANK YOU to you and your wife, Therese (I am convinced she is an angel, simply due to how gracious and loving she is in her words and actions). She is truly inspiring in the most Spirit-filled way possible. You have molded my destiny through your own ministry in a mighty way! May God bless you and your family. Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come! To Him Who is worthy.
With Love & Grace, Andrea Rocke

P.S. My husband and I had the pleasure of going to dinner with Contend Global’s, Nicole Forber & Kanaan Allen. They spoke so highly of you and your family and were just a delight to be around. Especially, Nicole, you could really sense how powerfully you and your family have affected her life. It blessed my heart greatly. The impact that you, your family and your team have goes further and wider than you could ever imagine. God bless.


For the first time ever The Lord opened my eyes to hear Him speak, and I received an accurate word of knowledge (through a visual impression) about a young man at church. Needless to say it encouraged us both! More Lord!!


I have to say this has been a journey …so many times I felt I blew it … but I have a fresh fire ignited in me for revival
In Isaiah 62
I will not give Him rest until He sends the tidal wave of His purposes and plans for America and the nations
The ember He placed me years ago has had the wind of the Holy Spirit igniting a fire I can not ignore
I am so thankful for your faithfulness Lou I have followed the Call since 7-7-07
And have never let go of the promise of the greatest revival to hit planet earth
I stand in awe and amazing at our God and what He is preparing I keep hearing get ready, get ready … are your ready
I reply; YES Lord, YES, come.

Hello Lou! Just wanted to say I’ve been fasting since Jan 1. I want to be and live revival. The full gospel. I have been so encouraged every day to be able to digest your blog:)! It has helped me immensely. Thank u brother! In my community, we haven’t seen a move of the HolyGhost in decades. My heart cry’s out for Jesus to come! Oh God may I be used to bring this to my area. Show me, guide me. God bless your ministry!!! P.s. watched the send live link! Amazing.


First, thank you for your daily devotional blogs. They have provided encouragement and focus. One night, during the fast, and I wasn’t even thinking about it, when, all of the sudden I received a revelation of the severity, the impact, the crushing of Jesus on the cross when the total sum of darkness came upon Him, and He received it all. Words fall short of what I “saw”. Now, there is a new awareness and expectation to receive all He paid for. I was also greatly impacted by the “Ekballo” and “Stadium Christianity” message, to the point of praying, “Lord of the harvest, Ekballo me”. I am now, by His sending, participating in the 1Nation,1Day outreach to Peru in June, and on June 29, 15 stadiums will be filled with people to hear the good news of salvation in Jesus. My life will never be the same. Thank you, Lou, and I plan to continue following your blog.

Prior to the fast, my family and some of our best friends had received a calling to open a pediatric medical clinic that would combine low-cost, compassionate medical care to all and the opportunity for people to experience supernatural healing through prayer. We had no idea how this might come to fruition, definitely not enough money, and no known location. We did have a series of prophetic Words which confirmed that the Holy Spirit was moving us and that we would not fail. We prayed daily during the fast that God would send us to the neighborhoods and make a way. Through the 40 days, we received an opportunity to sign a lease for clinic space within a 48,000 square foot school owned by a local church for $1 a year. This school is directly located within a city neighborhood, houses a school for children with autism, and provides real-life solutions to children from disadvantaged homes. Our clinic will be a springboard to tangibly reach these people! In the last week of the fast, I felt the Lord tell me that he was releasing his presence to move on the clinic and that we were to prepare ourselves. That same morning, our nurse practitioner received that she was to pack all things from her current job as this adventure would be starting soon. The very next day, we received confirmation that supernatural finances would be delivered to us to provide supplies and salaries for the two people who were quitting their current jobs to work full-time at this clinic. The nonprofit Sozo Pediatrics will likely be launched in June 2019 in Lancaster Ohio and, I believe, that this partnering medical professionals with churches will provide a framework for others to do the same in our area. Thanks, Lou and all others involved in The Send for your endurance, hard work, and faithfulness to your calling!

Thank you so much for calling the body to this fast. I feel changed and challenged. I don’t know to what degree but I do know God is closer or I am at least. Haha! The devotionals also! 👌🏾 OMG! SO GOOD. I felt so tied to the storyline of heaven reading them. Like I was really apart of something bigger than myself. Please continue writing them. They’re amazing. But yes! May the revival of Azusa touch the globe in a double portion in Jesus’ name, AMEN!

My soul is so stirred in this season in this fast and through your ongoing leadership in this daily email. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your countless hours on behalf of America to bring revival.

Before reading the Day 39 blog, I had come to the conviction to grow in fasting and prayer lifestyle; seeking Jesus and praying for the “ekballo” and the worldwide harvest. Let the”blog” keep coming.


God bless you Man of God!
I don’t even know where to begin😭 Praise Jesus!
I just want to thank you for following and being obedient to all the Lord has asked of you! It is a long story but the bottom line is that the Lord sent our family from Chicago to Orlando because of a revival that was going to take place and begin here in Orlando. After many years of tears, last year we began to see it all unfold. We are so humbled and honored to be a small church in Orlando and be able to be a part of such a huge move of God! There are many testimonies but know that we have seen such a shift in our personal lives and most of all in our church. We’ve been joking about how this seems to be the year for fasting. As a church, we started the year with a forty day fast and had like a week off and began another week for the Send and then started this forty day fast. As I began to read the devotional today I stopped at the beginning and asked the Lord if I was to continue the fast. By the end of the devotional, it seems I have my answer…lol!
The Holy Spirit is amazing!
We are in expectancy!
Know that we will be united in this move of God through prayer and fasting and for all God has planned in this season! I would totally love to continue to receive these emails.
Blessing to you and your team!

Ana Beatriz Moraes

After The Send I knew that wasn´t just an event or even a moment in my life, I knew that God wants to make revival born in me. At the first day of the fast, I was working in my local church carnival conference ( very common in Brazil) and as a volunteer I had no expectations on see the first session, but somehow here I was just hearing that man who is one of that I belive greatest revivalists in Brazil today… after like 30 minutes of a powerful sermon about the Prayer Spirit I was literally on the ground crying out to the Lord to send me His Spirit and make me a revivalist in this world. After some days I was in my prayer time speaking to God about the revival and How much we want and need this and He lead me to a moment of cry, pray and declare this … some days after in my church a young boy said “the revival in Brazil is a reality of our right now “. The fast is teaching me about to count all as a loss, after see and feels things like never before at The Send and in fast time nothing in this world will ever be enough but God wants to show this world who He is and He wants to do this through my life.

Amanda Rassamni

Since starting this fast, I have felt a stirring in my heart to write songs again – songs to the Lord, about the Lord, for Him, and for the church. It was like I remembered my calling and its value and couldn’t believe I had neglected it for so long, but I now know I can never forget it. I have a newfound fire and grace to write and spend extended time alone just to activate and cultivate the creativity He’s already given me – knowing that it is not just for me, but for others as well, and it brings Him glory! Thank you, Lou, for being obedient to the voice of the Lord – I honor you and your entire team. These devos brought such confirmation to what God was already speaking to me as a Daughter of Thunder, so I thank you!

P.S. My first two guitars in high school were blue just because “I liked the color!” 🙂

Alex Heltemes

After praying and fasting super intentionally for the first time, I have been hearing from the Holy Spirit for the first time! I prayed to God asking for words of knowledge about people on the streets. The next day the first man I talked to, the Holy Spirit highlighted the name Alyssa, who happened to be the name of the girl he had just started seeing! God is so good, he has been setting me free from past habits and addictions and I never want to go back! Dead to sin, Alive to God!

Yolandi Botha

This fast stirred a fire for a dream I had 5 years ago of a massive worship event in South Africa, all kinds were there, people from every nation and the Lord showed SA being a trumpet to European nations, it was also massive intercession for nations taking place.


Thank you, Lou, for your heart of love and devotion to our Lord. It stirs my faith and pushes me forward in my pursuit of Jesus.

Most of our whole church, about 50+ folks participating, young and old, from a small town of 2,000 people in northern Vermont set aside these last 40 days to fast and pray after watching The Send and hearing the call of the Lord. We have desired and prayed for revival in our town and community for a while, but it has taken the Lord to first do a work in our hearts as His people, to make us ready for what He desires to do. We are full of faith and excitement to serve our King.

Participating in this fast, with hundreds of the body of Christ around the world also fasting, has fueled the fire in my heart. God has been at work in me to root out long-standing sins and things that easily trip up my feet, so I can run this race with more steadfastness and single focus. He is such a faithful God!

We are so encouraged that God doesn’t forget a little town in the middle of the country that’s been crying out for more of Him and His heart for the lost. We will continue to pray and seek His face for the fullness of the outpouring He wants to release in this day and age. What an honor to be alive at this time!

Thank you again for your life of devotion and prayer, storming the gates of heaven on behalf of our King and His people!

Wendy Mae

God is so good!!! He’s such a loving father and he has given me breakthrough during this fast. He has taught me to hold onto Him with everything I have! He has shown me I have a passion for helping people and strangers have spoken life into me! I love Jesus. I can’t say that enough. Even though I’m so unworthy, He loves me, and has plans for me to prosper and not to harm me!!! Amen! Praise the Lord!!!

From a teenage girl to now being a wife and mother of three, my heart is always set on fire by your words Lou. You carry such an anointing that brings the glory out of everyone around you! Thank you for who you are and what you are accomplishing in the Earth for Heaven’s sake. I love and appreciate your ministry!

When I started the fast, my main goal was to get closer to Jesus. I did my first ever fast, juice and water fast like Daniel could’ve done. As time went on, God started to give a little bit of revelation here and there. However, the testimony I have to share is that in my simple act of obedience by fasting, The Lord has freed me from homosexuality, masturbation, and pornography. I’ve struggled with it since I was in middle school and onto my young adult life. I’ve never gone 40 days or more without succumbing to the bondage of the sin. With each passing day, it gets a little bit easier to say no to the temptations and yes to the will of God for my life. I renew my day in and day out and I’m excited to see what God will do not only in my life but in those around me because of this fast. All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!

During this fast I have been traveling every week, with a group called World Race America, we are a Multigenerational biblical community that is fully dependent on undivided devotion and obedience to the Lord.

I have learned that I have more self-control than I ever believed I had before. I learned that we as a body of Christ can sometimes abuse the word: grace. Allowing myself to “mess up” and saying it’s ok God will have grace on me, but not truly coming to the Lord with a repentant heart.
The Lord has shown me that there have been generations before me that have prayed and fasted for me now it’s my turn to be on my knees in prayer and fasting for the generations to come.

Crisol Hernandez

This fasting time has been a challenge many times. The Lord is beautiful! So amazing is his love, so Holy.
I couldn’t read, no far no closer, but the Lord healed me. I can see now, I had this eyes problem for almost three years, but now I can see!
I can see! I can see!
Moreover, The Lord changed me from the inside out, my children too. My son 12 years old is reading the Bible, fasting, waking up in prayer, worshipping and continue evangelism.
Praise God! To Him the glory! Lord Jesus!

I have known for years that I carry a gift of evangelism. I have been fasting on and off for 3 years now. I was excited to start this fast, as I was expectant to see some kind of move from The Father. I underestimated big time…. on day 1 of the fast I found myself praying over a friends baby that had major medical problems and she was completely healed, and that was basically every day of this fast. Nearly every day I saw Jesus intervening in people’s lives around me, and all it took was a humble willing vessel. This fast has propelled me fully into the fullness of what The Father has for me as His son, and has delivered me from struggles that has pulled my focus from Him for a long time, like my crippling addiction to sports, and unclean music. This is something I’ve been praying to get for years. Only God can do this kind of stuff. Only God. Hallelujah.

Attempting this fast has solidified for me that Jesus will not leave us abandoned Rather He embraces the prayer and fast of His people and will have His way in the end as we ekballo. His people will be saved as we pray and petition Him to do just that save us His people. We must remain on the wall in the spirit of sacrifice and prayer knowing that He is listening and answering us. We can’t stop he prayer and fasting So I journey on as an intercessor and warfare prayer person. Blessings and thanks Lou for your committed on fire leadership It keeps the fire in my heart burning Blessings and Shalom

I had heard about The Send from my cousin who lives in Tampa. Then a few weeks later Lou Came to my church, Greenhouse to Share his vision God gave him for The Send. While he was speaking my spirit was leaping on the inside. My cousin Sasha and I volunteered as ushers. Our relief never showed up, so we ushered the whole day and had the best time. Definitely God’s amazing grace. We didn’t get sunburned, neither did our legs hurt from going up & down the stairs seating people! One of the most amazing times of our life! There was a shift in my life that day to go deeper into God to press in and to cry out here I am Lord. I already had a sense I was moving to Orlando for personal reasons but after The Send that sealed the deal. I may have been going originally for what I thought was the reason but I God has a bigger plan for me moving to Orlando. Not only has my home church planted a church in Orlando, but I just found Jesus Image. I am doubly blessed and can’t wait to see where the Lord wants to take me. I am so grateful for those who have contended for God’s heart to send forth the laborers to bring in the harvest. I am blessed to be a part of it. It’s an exciting time! Kim M

I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ve had stomach/intestinal problems for years, and the Lord told me to not eat desserts for 40 days. Cookies, brownies, sweets- I didn’t know how much I’ve relied on them for comfort until I stopped eating them. In the midst of the fast, the Lord began to show me areas where I had allowed lust, rejection, and impatience to have open doors to my life, and I began to close them. As that happened, I began to see God in a way I’ve never known Him and to learn who I am in Him. My heart has become increasingly burdened for the local high school and middle school, and I’m learning how to pray and intercede for them. I work at the school one day a week as a substitute teacher and love those kids so much. Every day, their names are on an endless loop in my heart and mind, and I’m praying for revival there.

The scripture from Ezekiel 22:30-31 has begun to change my perspective of prayer:

Ezekiel 22:30-31
I searched for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for the land so that I would not destroy it, but I found no one. Thus I have poured out My indignation on them; I have consumed them with the fire of My wrath; their way I have brought upon their heads,” declares the Lord God.

God WANTS me to intercede, is LOOKING for people to stand in the gap. Lord, find me faithful going forward.

These daily devotionals have been so helpful. They are literally the first thing I read in the morning. When my alarm goes off between 3:30-4 to go to prayer meeting, I know that if I open my mail and read the blog, I’ll be awake before long. Thank you so much for going before us, and coming alongside us all. God Bless you, brother.


I live-streamed the send and was already feeling a call to fasting. I joined in as I could during these 40 days with some full and some partial fasting.
All I know is that I am more hungry for the purity of Gods Word and more broken for this world and more aware than ever of my great need for God in my life, and I don’t want to stop pressing in.
I had not dreamed in a while and I dreamed a couple of times lately. I also see God orchestrating things that are bigger than what I can accomplish on my own, especially in my community/neighborhood.

I have been finally able to forgive my mom.

This has stirred my faith in so many ways. I can’t thank you enough. Keep the devotions coming. This hungry soul needs them.
On Fire For Christ,

This has been my first 40 day fast that has actually been a sacrifice. In the times past, I only would give up sweets…which I love (inherited sweet tooth over here). But this time around I was looking forward to the struggle of giving up a lot more than that. I tried to stay practical at the same time, doing something I could maintain and that would work with work, taking care of 3 kids, etc. I kept to a strict Daniel Fast during the weekdays and juice/water only for Friday-Sunday. I wanted to give up more than just what I eat, but also what I spend my time doing. I didn’t give up my job, even though that’s what I spend most of my day doing. But I laid down social media, television, and all online shopping (things that take up extra time). There has been so much grace! I’m actually so shocked that what I thought would be very difficult for me has not been very hard. I did water only fast for the first time…trying to lean in more and push myself. I ended up getting pretty sick and ending the water only after 24 hours. If I felt lead I would do it again. I had a really powerful dream that the Lord opened up to me again and again over the course of a few days! There hasn’t only been grace for the sacrifice of food but I’ve actually been waking up early every morning and spending my waking moments (roughly half an hour) with the Lord. That is something I never thought I’d be able to do. I love my sleep and I’m not a morning person. But it’s been easy! And I love it. I’ve been journaling my journey because I felt like that was something the Lord whispered to me before I began. I’ve been practicing meditating on scripture, which I never understood until I heard Bill Johnson explain a couple of weeks ago. I really have mixed emotions about ending this fast. It’s been so refreshing to me. I definitely feel called to making fasting a regular part of my life, it never has been before. And I definitely want to keep being disciplined and not revert back to the lazy life I was living. I’m thankful for the tool of fasting and I’m thankful for people like Lou who are living examples, who practice what they preach, who are living sacrifices. Thank you, Lou!

I had been looking for when you were starting the 40 days fast but missed it. Independently the Lord started me on a 40-day water fast which I did successfully when younger, joining on your 15th day. I was getting pretty weak and the Lord changed it to a 20/20 fast, 20 on water and 20 on organic homemade veggie broth and juice. I was rocked by your Day 26 Stonewall devotional which changed my perspective totally. I never heard this word of Bob’s before. A week ago I discovered a tumor in my vagina, but He says I will triumph over it without surgery. At the same time, the Lord called me to apply to run for the new People’s Party of Canada to be a Minister of Parliament in Ottawa. I live near Toronto, but my 3 sons are in Sacramento living troubled lives, but I’m believing for a total breakthrough for them as well as the Lord launches me into this next season of my life. Thank you so much, Lou, for inspiring and informing me so I can join in the Ekballo prayers especially for the LGBTQ. God bless you MORE

Thank you, Lou, so much, I only heard of you at the beginning of this fast and your blogs have been such encouragement as you have imparted a grace to fast, please do continue!
I am from the UK and for the last few years have felt dry and disconnected to the Lord, this fast has been me stoking my hunger and passion, I have not fasted as you, my offering has been small but my faith has grown to want to continue ongoing- it has been a sweet time with the Lord. Plus the calling on my life and the breakthrough for our society make it to important not to.
Personally during this fast God has confirmed to me that our family is to adopt. I heard Krish Kandaiah, ‘Home for Good’ speak at our church and received prayer as I accepted the call to adopt, a few days later your blog was saying the same.
I can confirm the great link between adoption and the end of abortion, in prayer I have sensed God’s heart for both and believe as the church steps up to adopt there will be a spiritual backlash against abortion.
God bless you, Lou,

Too many testimonies Lou, I’m not sure I can resume them in this box, I’ll try…

Last year I had a dream, In the dream I was in a park of a town in Colombia (I live in Colombia 😉 ) And there I was singing a new song for God with some young musicians , one of them was playing the guitar , other one was a female singer.. suddenly y saw all over the park a lot of shoes. there were a lot of them and they starting flying from the park to the heaven , they flew to the sky like fireworks. Similar to a spacecraft launch.

I really don’t remember how I met thesend. But it just came up ! And when I saw the video of all this missionaries lifting their shoes to the sky I almost fall in tears. I truly believe that this ministry is inspired by God and that every vision the Lord gave to you and you shared in this Jesus Fast is from God.

I sing to the Lord since I know Jesus.. but I was frustrated because all my worship dreams and ministry with God seemed to vanish and extinguish. I had a deep pain in my spirit because I felt that the time was moving forward and I was just sitting at the side of the road while the live and revival passes away and I felt so bad about that. But after that dream, the Lord started opening doors for me to worship him. And when you told us about the sons of thunder vision, at the same time the Lord gave to one friend and I a letter and music of one song that came up from the bottom of our hearts. And is just amazing the way that this is flowing really is God opening Doors moving to the accomplishment of that musical dream that I have in my heart to worship him. Lou thanks for saying yes to the Lord, I’m part of the sons of thunder you dream of and you fast for. Thanks for fasting and praying for me for almost 10 years thank you!! Hope to meet you In One of this huge parks and stadiums that the Lord will give us to fulfill the 20/20 vision. The movement of God that is happening thought your ministry is truly touching US and all the nations.

Keep going! And if the Lord gives me the chance to continue fasting and praying with you surely I will keep doing it with you.

Big big big hug and big big blessings for you Lou!

This is the first time I’ve fasted and it really meant something to me. Fasting, for me before, was always something I did to join everybody else and became a ritual of rules I had placed in myself and then maybe God will hear my request….sigh…

As I grew in my relationship with my Father I realized there was so much more to fasting and so I just didn’t fast. I wanted to understand more the purpose of fasting before I once again fell into that ritualistic striving to “be a good Christian” thing.

Then I went to The Send and I heard that call to fast echo across the crowd of people and I heard my Father nudge ever so gently with His whispers of love beckoning me to draw near to Him. I fought it. But the nudge persisted. So I thought about what I could fast. I kept hearing “Dive in, Jill. Go in over your head! Trust Me!” And so I did.
In my fast, I researched fasting and listened to some teachings and I realized that fasting is just spending more time with my Father…knowing Him and just being with Him.
He showed me things I needed to see about myself and my relationships. I didn’t have dreams or get these grand entrepreneurial ideas or write intimate worship songs or receive this passion for my purpose but I did get to know my Father a little better and His love for me. He is my Shepherd and I am a sheep who hears her Shepherd’s voice and I KNOW He is leading me to green pastures and still waters. And I am content.

Thank you for the blog every day. It was soooo encouraging and challenging as well.
You are a blessing.
With a grateful heart,
Jill Hatter

We have included no media as a part of this fast. Before the fast, the Lord gave my wife a dream where a number of different moves of God came together to pray for Israel. During the fast, the Lord has been reviving in my heart a decade old prophetic word I had received about Israel and abortion. “The measure by which Americans contend to end abortion is the same measure by which she will be used to contend for Israel in the last days. By this same measure, she will also see a revival of prayer, holiness, and fulfilling of the Great Commission. The Lord is raising up the Champions of Israel from the womb of this generation.” Our leading during this fast, there were far too many confirmations, is to start a local house of prayer, but not just a house of prayer. It will be a house of missions, of ekballo, of ending abortion, of being watchman for Israel. This fast has been one of those “never looking back” type of moments for our family.

What the Lord has done in me and through me during this fast has truly changed my life. I feel so much more spiritually disciplined and passionate for what is on God’s heart. I have never in my life prayed and interceded this much. I have prayed for and seen multiple healings, salvation, and lives restored. I have seen a shift in my family and friends since interceding for them and sharing with them the love of Jesus and their lives are drastically changing. During this fast, Jesus has completely set me free of the fear of man and He has given me a burning heart for adoption and for the nations of the world, including the USA. I’m only 18, but I know that my future husband has to have a heart for this as I do and like Andy Byrd said at the Send, “if the person your dating doesn’t want to adopt then they probably are not the one!”. I know that I will continue fasting and praying and focusing on God more and more as this fast has instilled a deep hunger to know more of Him. I am so in love with Jesus and it feels like my life of getting to really know Him is just beginning!

I did a modified fast as I am a mother of seven children and I have been greatly encouraged by how I have seen the Lord move. Early on in the fast, I had a dream that I was very pregnant and I was rubbing my very full belly. My house was full of people and my husband was preaching a message of repentance. When he was done I went and hugged him, still rubbing my belly. I felt repentant, the whole room full of people did as well. Repentant but encouraged and hopeful. I knew my belly wasn’t pregnant with a child but rather a calling. My husband felt assured he had spoken exactly what the Lord wanted him to. A few weeks later as I was praying Matthew 9:37-38 along with all my brothers and sisters in this Jesus Fast (day 19) I had a vision of my husband harvesting (wheat but I knew it was souls). We live in central California and he was standing pulling the harvest in from a field as far as the eye could see – the whole central valley. His eyes were resolutely set on the harvest. He had Jesus’ heart for the harvest and the Lord said, “he is My steady harvester of souls. He will pull many souls into My Kingdom & he will encourage many others to harvest in the same way he does.” (He is not a pastor by trade but rather a financial advisor, he has the gift of speaking the truth in love and people trust him and respond).

A week later the doctors found blockage in his heart and scheduled him for an angiogram and stents. We began to pray the blood of Jesus through his arteries and that Jesus’ blood would remove 100% of that plaque. He went in 4 days ago for the procedure and the doctor called me shocked – he had 0% blockage – perfectly clear arteries! We knew Jesus had graciously shown us His healing power!! That same day (April 5) was The Altar Conference here in Fresno, California. The Holy Spirit had been interceding with groans too deep for words through me this entire fast for The Altar (many of the same speakers/worship leaders from The Send were there). At the end of the conference (Saturday evening) when Jeremy Riddle, Steffany Gretzinger & Heidi Baker we’re up there they were powerfully interceding for our city. They could sense that there was a resistance in our city – I felt in my spirit it was Christians not wanting to fully yield to Holy Spirit. They battled in prayer and worship for our city and I’m so grateful they did. I believe that the seeds deposited at The Altar will bear much fruit in our Central Valley and just how the Central Valley is one of the worlds most productive agricultural regions and we send our fruit across the whole world, so we will send the fruit that comes from the breakthrough at The Altar across the whole world. I am continuing to fast for this breakthrough in our valley. My hearts cry (and I feel the Holy Spirit groaning so strong within me) is that Christian’s who are called by His Name will humble ourselves and pray and seek His Face (the FULLNESS of His Spirit) and turn from our wicked ways (fully yielding our whole lives to Him). I long to see Christians (specifically in our region here in central California) to give up their lives entirely to find True Life!! That we would joyfully live crucified to Him and we would no longer live but we would fully allow Christ to live in us!! That Rivers of Living Water would burst from within us!!!

Hi Lou! First of all, I want to thank you for your great encouragement for these 39 days of fasting. Every devotional gave me the direction to start praying on days where I was a little lost. Thank you for your kindness and reflection of Jesus on every line you wrote. Well, on the first half of the fast I was praying for revival, for God’s move through those who went to The Send, to the nations and all of that. But then the Spirit started switching my words leading me to start praying to me, myself. At first, I felt somehow selfish and thought it was out of purpose. But as I started praying for my own self, Jesus started to set me free from things I didn’t realize I had to. One night I started praying loud for my traumas and I felt some type of emotional block going away from my throat. Then the Holy Spirit filled out my room with His presence! It was incredible!!! I think this was the most remarkable thing that happened, and I know there’s more to come. Though I’m really excited to finish the fast, I will miss this unique time I had with my Father. God bless. 🙏🏼

My bones are burning and my spirit is ablaze. Day and night I am praying that this present move of God will sweep across Florida and the nation. The revival fires of all nations will join together as Jesus answers all our prayers with holy fire.

Gods timing has been something I have yet to comprehend but I am beginning to awaken to His presence and our purpose He intends for us to become more aware of!
Thank you, Lou, for your life and all you bring to us and the fire that is setting my heart ablaze this country, and the nations!
My first extended fast has been challenging but much more rewarding! I will tell of some of the chance timing of things that may seem small coincidences but in my eyes are the whispers from God that set my heart on course for the mission I was born for!
Even today as I read about Frank Bartleman in the devotional, it wasn’t 12 hours ago that I was reading Flashpoint of Revival (chap2 The Jesus Fast) for the first time and was moved even more so!
Also yesterday I opened a new copy of The Passion Translation I ordered from Bethel Church and the first page I opened to in John 4:31 is titled: The Harvest is Ready.
!!!! Wow!!!!!!
Last week I happened to take a shower with my new watch on and hadn’t realized it and hoped that I could dry it out but later on in the day realized it had stopped working but also noticed it had stopped precisely at 3:16 pm! Later even I noticed that the verse of the day in my YouVersion Bible app was John 3:16!!!!!!
Gods divine whisper has brought me closer and closer and finally at worship yesterday a moment I have been crying for as I was overwhelmed by His presence on me I had uncontrollable tears and emotion I couldn’t hold back. I have been praying for the Baptism of the Spirit and I know it’s coming! I want to burn for my family and for my city and for the world to see so they might come alive and know the Father!
This last 39 days has surely set me on a course of transformation and given me such a heightened awareness of Gods supernatural abilities to change me every day through prayer-fasting- and feeding off of the Word!
Yay God!

My fast involved laying down a whole list of things that drew me away from God. Dietary restrictions, social media, texting, social emails, and secular tv.
I made room for my heavenly father and He has shown me so much. He has worked in mighty ways in my husband, who did not fast, but as a result of my 34 yrs of praying and honoring God, has been catapulted into a season of growth in the Lord.
I have a journal full of miracles and wonders..of revelation and growth for me during this time. My fast ends on Good Friday when my spiritual mentor and Co-laborer in Christ…my daughter, will come here to NH to spend Resurrection weekend. She has been fasting as well and there has been a mighty move of God in her life.
We both know that this time of true consecration will be melded with the host of others who engaged with Father God, and together, our prayers for a worldwide revival will indeed come to pass.

I praise the Lord for this time of fasting. I believe the Lord has made it to be a breaker anointing to a lifestyle of fasting. This is my first concentrated long term fast (Daniel Fast). The flesh rose up in ways that revealed what needs to be crucified and sacrificed on the altar.

In the midst of the purge, there is more belief in me for who God is and what He can do. Although I live halfway across the country from my family, they have been getting physically and spiritually healed through prayer. Their belief is rising to action.
There is also a rising hunger to see transformation across the globe! It’s a time for reformation and revival—a turning in all ways to the Lord Jesus in His glorious, holy splendor!!

I’m honored to have done this fast, and I intend to continue fasting throughout this year!


Thank you! This fast has been filled with God-appointments that we’re only fulfilled with divine timing. I started this fast after attending The Send. I believe one of the primary reasons I was there was to pick up this mighty tool as my family is moving to Northern Ireland in the next month!

I loved all of the calls at The Send – but it was the call to fast and pray that actually brought me joy! It was a year prior that I had read The Jesus Fast and My heart burned within me to encounter Jesus for myself and to contend for revival in the place of fasting. So I set my heart to begin this fast.

The day after The Send I met up with some friends in St. Petersburg, FL. They had previously been with us on a short term trip to Ireland. On the trip, they encountered the power of God through praying and worshipping for the nations. Since that time, they’ve been burning for Jesus and praying/worshipping and contending for revival over their city.

So, I attended their gathering the day after The Send and while I was there they prayed in faith that we would receive the remaining funding that we needed to launch to Ireland. We needed $1200/mo to proceed.

The next morning, while at the beach resting from the amazing weekend, I got a call from a friend in Illinois who said that he had been praying for us over the last day or two and he really felt like the Lord was telling him that their church was to fill the gap of what we needed financially! I wept at the faithfulness and love of God! The next day, it was all finalized and the church started the support that has now made it possible to “be Sent”.

As I looked at my calendar for the 40 days of fasting, I was traveling a lot and even taking a group to Northern Ireland. I decided not to do a water only fast, but to fast from many things that brought me comfort (caffeine, sweets, etc) and is fast from food every weekend (with the exception of the two I was traveling abroad).

While in Ireland though I saw God working in opening up new connections, new relationships that I’m sure will be building blocks of contending for revival in Ireland and Europe! So many meetings and relationships began that were only possible because of Gods sovereign timing!

During the fast, especially in the last two weeks, I’ve been having more dreams from the Lord, an increase in the prophetic, and I’m seeing sinful desires be squashed!

No tengo palabras para expresar mi gratitud, un incendio arde en mi ser, el llamado a contender en oración y ayuno es el llamado de mi vida. ahora mi iglesia local, mi ciudad, mi familia y mi nación están experimentando el Fuego de Dios. Gracias por hombres como Lou Engle que están pagando el precio para ver la Gloria de Dios en las naciones. Saludos desde IHOP Copiapo, Chile.

I have had you on my heart for several weeks. I keep remembering a small gathering at Shekinah Worship Center probably 8 years ago with Pastor Joe Sweet. In that evening gathering, you came out from around the pulpit, came down into the second row, stood in front of me and said, “Brother do not neglect the prophetic..”
I just wanted you to know that I consider that word a launching pad for where I am today. I am (at the age of 62) now in full-time ministry at one of the largest churches in San Francisco. I have not neglected the prophetic and I am not sure why I have you so strongly on my heart, but I feel the heart of the Father somehow as I write this email to you.
I sense the Lord’s heart for San Francisco and some of the things that He is doing here in healing this City. I just feel like letting you know that I support and pray for you, and consider the words that you spoke many years ago a part of the calling that the Lord has had on my life.

Thank you for pouring out each day— these devotionals have been a blessing and a real help to myself, and my church family here in Vermont.

Ohhh…I can’t even begin to express how your heart for revival has moved me in this past 2 months! Prior to February of this year, I had never even heard of you and now I know in my heart that you are my spiritual father. I come from a family of generations of missionaries and pastors but had never yet walked in the ministry in the way that my father and grandfather had. I am a 29-year-old engineer currently live in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii but at the beginning of February of this year, my company moved me temporarily to Manhattan.

While living in New York for the past few months a friend from Kona invited me to “The Send” to which my brother and I attended (I had never heard of the call or the send prior). The presence of God was beyond anything I had experienced in my life and then the next morning in the afterglow of “the send” my aunt (who lives in Orlando) invites me to the 11 am service at Church in the Son and of course there you were again given a message that I have now listened to over 5 times crying out for God to “Show me whats writing in my Scroll”!

I’m emailing you because I want you to know that I joined you in The Jesus Fast and have given up meats and sweets for the past 32 days. As of Monday of this week, I moved to Juice “only” and plan to do only walk for the last 3 days. During this fast (in conjunction with reading your book) God gave me a vision of an underground revival in the subways of New York City and throughout all the subway I heard an echo of worship that was shaking the foundations of the City.

After reading today’s devotional, I know that the time is NOW! This Friday night I will be in Penn Station by myself from 7pm-10pm to have an open worship night with my portable speaker and guitar calling down the strongholds of New York City! I know that God has brought me here for a time such as this to proclaim Luke 4:18 in the City of New York!

The Lord gave me an incredible confirmation this weekend when I moved into my new Airbnb that is 1 block from Penn Station (paid for by my company) and when I walked into my bedroom there on the floor was a genuine bear skinned rug. The significance of that moment was that just before the end of last year I wrote a song inspired by the life of young King David. The words are taken from Psalm 138 and is entitled “You made me BOLD” and the chorus of the song goes “you made me bold for the Loin, bold for the Bear and in the valley of my giant you said there’s nothing to fear for I am the LORD your God who made these things”….COME ON HOLY SPIRIT!

The purpose of this message is to thank you for your passion for our generation and invite you to please come into agreement with me that God will move in a mighty way tomorrow night at Penn Station!

There’s so much more on my heart but for now, I feel this is the first step towards an awakening for NYC!

Thank you, Lou, for your daily inspiration! It brings light to my soul! I pray for your ABBA Father cover you under his wings! I thought that fast for 40 days was impossible for me! But thanks to you for your anointing that was shared with many that make it possible! I am praying for the spirit of Elijah be upon me so I can fast once a month this year 2019. I am looking forward to seeing you again in the stadium in 2020 in Orlando, Fl.

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