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Attempting this fast has solidified for me that Jesus will not leave us abandoned Rather He embraces the prayer and fast of His people and will have H... Read More
I had heard about The Send from my cousin who lives in Tampa. Then a few weeks later Lou Came to my church, Greenhouse to Share his vision God gave hi... Read More
I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ve had stomach/intestinal problems for years, and the Lord told me to not eat desserts for 40 days. C... Read More
I live-streamed the send and was already feeling a call to fasting. I joined in as I could during these 40 days with some full and some partial fastin... Read More
I have been finally able to forgive my mom.... Read More
Lou, This has stirred my faith in so many ways. I can’t thank you enough. Keep the devotions coming. This hungry soul needs them. On Fire For Chri... Read More
This has been my first 40 day fast that has actually been a sacrifice. In the times past, I only would give up sweets...which I love (inherited sweet ... Read More
I had been looking for when you were starting the 40 days fast but missed it. Independently the Lord started me on a 40-day water fast which I did suc... Read More
Thank you, Lou, so much, I only heard of you at the beginning of this fast and your blogs have been such encouragement as you have imparted a grace to... Read More
Too many testimonies Lou, I'm not sure I can resume them in this box, I'll try... Last year I had a dream, In the dream I was in a park of a town i... Read More
This is the first time I've fasted and it really meant something to me. Fasting, for me before, was always something I did to join everybody else and ... Read More
We have included no media as a part of this fast. Before the fast, the Lord gave my wife a dream where a number of different moves of God came togethe... Read More
What the Lord has done in me and through me during this fast has truly changed my life. I feel so much more spiritually disciplined and passionate for... Read More
I did a modified fast as I am a mother of seven children and I have been greatly encouraged by how I have seen the Lord move. Early on in the fast, I ... Read More
Hi Lou! First of all, I want to thank you for your great encouragement for these 39 days of fasting. Every devotional gave me the direction to start p... Read More
My bones are burning and my spirit is ablaze. Day and night I am praying that this present move of God will sweep across Florida and the nation. The r... Read More
Gods timing has been something I have yet to comprehend but I am beginning to awaken to His presence and our purpose He intends for us to become more ... Read More
My fast involved laying down a whole list of things that drew me away from God. Dietary restrictions, social media, texting, social emails, and secula... Read More
I praise the Lord for this time of fasting. I believe the Lord has made it to be a breaker anointing to a lifestyle of fasting. This is my first conce... Read More
Thank you! This fast has been filled with God-appointments that we’re only fulfilled with divine timing. I started this fast after attending The Sen... Read More
No tengo palabras para expresar mi gratitud, un incendio arde en mi ser, el llamado a contender en oración y ayuno es el llamado de mi vida. ahora mi... Read More
I have had you on my heart for several weeks. I keep remembering a small gathering at Shekinah Worship Center probably 8 years ago with Pastor Joe Swe... Read More
Thank you for pouring out each day— these devotionals have been a blessing and a real help to myself, and my church family here in Vermont.... Read More
Ohhh...I can't even begin to express how your heart for revival has moved me in this past 2 months! Prior to February of this year, I had never even h... Read More
Thank you, Lou, for your daily inspiration! It brings light to my soul! I pray for your ABBA Father cover you under his wings! I thought that fast for... Read More
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Lou Engle Ministries exists to mobilize fasting and contending prayer, to envision and empower Stadium Christianity, and to mobilize justice prayer movements into the nations of the earth. 


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