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Dear Lou , The 40 day fast was definitely intense valleys, surrendering my flesh, submitting to God, heavenly moments and wisdom !! I am 52 and fe... Read More
If there is anything, you must know about me is that I come from a Muslim Household. It wasn't until I was 15 and then 18 when Jesus started reaching ... Read More
I did not make it through the whole fast but in the first couple of weeks, I had dreams of healing!... Read More
Ronald Holley
God be glorified! At the end of the Jesus Fast, He delivered me from addiction to narcotics. One week drug-free today! Praise His holy name!... Read More
God is saving my coworkers from different backgrounds and religions!... Read More
My testimony begins before the fast and during the Send. By divine arrangement, even though I was not able to physically be in Orlando, I was able to ... Read More
Hey Lou! So this particular testimony started almost 4 years ago. But firstly, God has built my heart to love North Dakota since I was 12; that’s al... Read More
Jessica Coombs
I was specifically praying for wisdom and direction over this fast for the next season of my life. Not only did God make it abundantly clear, but he a... Read More
I just wanted to share with you that this fast was an amazing experience and I am so very thankful for Lou, and this fast. It was the longest fast I... Read More
Nothing dramatically changed that I took notice to, but what I did realize is how night and day difference I am when I took the time to fast for 2 wee... Read More
Hi Lou, I am from Jamaica and the first time I saw you (virtually) was Jesus '18. I was so stirred as I listened and watched you. I was amazed that... Read More
Not having done a 40-day fast for more than 5 years I felt at age 72 I could not do it. Reluctantly and skeptically I agreed to do it. Previously I di... Read More
Patricia Moulton
I have not been on an extended fast since 2007 (for almost 4 mos) prior to The Call Nashville and it was a strict Daniel fast (vegetables, legumes, wa... Read More
Irene E Gallagher
I heard God calling me into a fast months before God sent out, into the world, the invitation for the “Jesus Fast” . Pray excites me...prayer tou... Read More
This fast has completely changed my world and spiritual life. I started the fast with a craving for more of God, a sense of desperation to see God do ... Read More
(Condensed) 0n July 7th of 2007 I surrendered to Christ as a successful gay business owner in Jacksonville Fl. Raised in a Christian home, but moleste... Read More
John Allen Harrett
Dear Lou , I woke up this morning and said to myself -“i am really going to miss Lou’s devotions - maybe he will send one now and then !” I was... Read More
During this Fast I got off Facebook. I have not missed it I chose to not be on negative news. During this time God moved me into a house in a small to... Read More
From the beginning of the 40 day fast it has been a mental and physical battle. But at every turn (every 10 days) the Father has been so generous with... Read More
Over the last 40 days I have both failed miserably and had encounters with the Lord in ways I never have before. On April 1 I committed to fast till A... Read More
Hey Lou! Thank you so much for being diligent and believing in my generation! This fast has been so wonderful, as I was able to draw so much nearer to... Read More
Good afternoon, My name is Nate from the little town of Ozark Alabama. This fast has truly been nothing short of amazing. The Holy Spirit came to m... Read More
The Lord has made it clear to me that He has chosen me to GO and preach the Gospel to the lost in the USA and the state and city and neighborhoods whe... Read More
I have prayed for years that Jesus would teach me how to pray. My prayers have gotten deeper but I feel I’ve not even scratched the surface. Please ... Read More
This was my first 40 day fast. I was a Daniel Faster and my woman's bible study group is studying Daniel...I love how God works...the bible study star... Read More
This was a very different kind of fast for me. Each day I would ask how long am I to fast, each day I would hear today. On some days I would hear eat ... Read More
I'm so thankful for the grace of this fast, and I see major shifts happening in my life and family. It's not "looked" like I expected, like a serious ... Read More
I attend MPN Milano, Italy and just last Sunday we received a prophetic word, a man who knew nothing about our church told us the street address and s... Read More
My family and I had decided not to go back to the Dominican Republic this summer on a week-long mission. The cost was a lot for the effectiveness of w... Read More
My husband Ryan did the 40 days fast. I (Randi) am currently about 11 weeks pregnant. On day 28 of the fast, we found out that the baby I am carrying ... Read More
Ryan and Randi F.
This was my first 40 day fast. It was not easy but God met me in profound ways. I feel a greater sense of awareness of Him and the need to fast. Thank... Read More
I am so happy to have joined my family in prayers. I began this fast with hope for the world but so many doubts about my own future and here I am now ... Read More
Natalia Claussen
This is not my first forty days fast but it has been significant in many ways. My husband and I are high school teachers in southern Utah on the Navaj... Read More
The Lord has increased my sensitivity to His leading and His voice by the 40 day fast. He has used it to release more dreams from Him as well. The mos... Read More
I was laid off my job as a mental health therapist October 5, 2018 and was seeking the Lord to find out what was my next assignment. A recurring verse... Read More
Andrea Clough
Today is the anniversary of Azusa Now, the day my husband, Joel, and I felt the invitation from the Lord, in that powerful gathering, to dedicate the ... Read More
Thank you so much Lou! I have been following your ministry for a while, and I have been so encouraged, but these daily devotionals during the 40 day f... Read More
Divine Encounters & A Monthly 24 Hours Worship Birthed Couldn't stop praising the LORD for what HE has done during this JESUS fast movement and... Read More
Though this journey I have been challenged to reflect on my impact in family, community and nation. Thank you I will be continuing to fast/pray... Read More
Love you, Papa Lou!!! LOVE YOU!!! On Thursday morning GOD gave me "the GOD of PEACE will crush satan under your feet"! On my way to work in Manhattan ... Read More
During church two weeks ago I felt God urging me to continue this fast until Easter. I have already mentally committed to this and now you issue a gre... Read More
This fast has been amazing. I have received a spiritual dream about 75% of the nights, and a number of visions and prophetic words from the Lord, incl... Read More
Steve Batson
I have been so blessed on this fast, there hasn’t even been a desire for food. My soul has been sustained. I'm so excited about what the Lord has in... Read More
Sharon Hill
God has set me free from bondage and healed me physically and helped me to forgive people I needed to.... Read More
I have been praying for one of my friends and their family and their dad is trying to quit smoking and he just got a job.... Read More
I pray we continue with the daily message from Lou. His prophetic word can then be passed on to our intercessory prayer group and men's fellowship. Fr... Read More
Thank you Lou, My heart has been rekindled for God. Earlier this year the Lord told me to be concerned with souls this year. I filed that in my memory... Read More
Going to the Send opened my heart. I am still trying to figure out my purpose of how I am to serve the lord. This was the first time I ever did a fast... Read More
During the fast I started praying for about 200 people everyday that I wrote down in my journal; my family, DTS classmates and staff, and friends who ... Read More
This fast has completely changed my world and spiritual life. I started the fast with a craving for more of God, a sense of desperation to see God do ... Read More
In a word, this fast changed my life. Your blog helped every step of the way and so I will continue reading it. While I can’t say how it will affect... Read More
I thank God for this breakthrough experience that has changed my way of living completely. Now I have my heart, my eyes, my ears open. On the last t... Read More
So many profound changes that we are joining you in the continuation of Prayer and Fasting. Two days ago, I told my husband, I hoped a fast would con... Read More
My prayer is for a boldness to share Jesus Christ. On March 8th I was involved in a head on collision with a drunk driver who was dead on the scene. W... Read More
Thank you for your ministry and dedication. Thank you for leading us in this fast and for all you’ve shared in your daily messages. I have saved eac... Read More
I have gained such clarity re my place in the body. I am His "Anna" (Luke 2:36-38) - set apart for worship, fasting, and prayer - in devotion to Chris... Read More
I have experienced Jesus in countless, powerful ways over the past 40 days including some significant breakthroughs in our family. Back in 2015, Go... Read More
My family of 6(kids ages ranging from 15-10) attended the Send. My parents (I am the oldest child) always want to experience what God has for our fami... Read More
God has led me to this fast to stir me into a deeper desire to continue fasting more frequently than I have in the past. Your post on day 39 has just ... Read More
On this journey in fasting my second 40 day fast the first for Promise Keeper's the St.Petersburg gather along with our local church. So it has been a... Read More
This fast and Lou’s prophetic emails have been confirming things for my husband and I that we have been believing for since before we were married 2... Read More
Breakthrough in my ministry and my grandson’ s life. Prayer life increased. Hearing more clearly. Thanks, Lou, could not have done it without your e... Read More
During the fasting and prayer time I have experienced breakthrough with prayer, taking my mind off of my own problems and setting it more on others. I... Read More
This fast has really stretched me. The daily devotionals have radically affected my heart. I have been crying out for increased focus and vision. I s... Read More
This 40 day fast has been a test in my life. I was not able to fast food or even do a Daniel fast with what my job entails (firefighter), but I wanted... Read More
Thank you Mr. Lou for this opportunity to be challenged and catapulted to go deeper into intercession! You and your testimonies are such an encouragem... Read More
I have had soo many prophetic dreams in my fast for myself and for my nation, Lebanon.... Read More
Jason Nasr
My life has been challenged and changed during these fasts. I feel so blessed to be part of a group of the body of Christ who is banding together to p... Read More
Greetings Lou Engle; Thank you for the invitation for the fast. Although I can fast a meal a day, I can no longer do full days. So for me it was more... Read More
Being part of this fast stirred up hungry in me to fast more. God gives me a lot of dreams with significant meanings and now I can see much more how d... Read More
Thanks Lou!! I'll I've ever truly wanted is revival and more of Christ... You have helped renew my faith, my hope and my calling. 7 major breakthrough... Read More
My husband and I had just finished a first of the year 21 day fast when at the Send this fast was announced. We both heard God say, do it, I want to t... Read More
🙋🏻‍♀️Blessings Brother, my Testimony has been as I live by Faith this Past 9 months since I found my self without a home as a single Mothe... Read More
Dearest Lou, How I thank God for you! Although this fast was not what I had originally planned ((water only three days a week) the clarity and miracl... Read More
Darci Woodard
With the chaos I’ve been going through at home, I’ve been praying for peace and silence so I can hear God more and I’ve been literally desperate... Read More
Wonderful Presence of the Lord, clear direction in my calling. Open doors. I could since the unity we had in the spirit. This is not the specifics but... Read More
I have seen the power of God working throughout this time of fasting and prayer. I have seen a change in my health. They found a spot last year and th... Read More
My dear Pastor Lou and the rest of brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. May God bless you to all of you and me. This fasting time has been for me a r... Read More
It's so challenging to put into words just how instrumentally the Lord has used you (Lou Engle) in my life, but here it goes; I met you for the first ... Read More
Andrea Rocke
For the first time ever The Lord opened my eyes to hear Him speak, and I received an accurate word of knowledge (through a visual impression) about a ... Read More
I have to say this has been a journey ...so many times I felt I blew it ... but I have a fresh fire ignited in me for revival In Isaiah 62 I will no... Read More
Hello Lou! Just wanted to say I’ve been fasting since Jan 1. I want to be and live revival. The full gospel. I have been so encouraged every day to ... Read More
First, thank you for your daily devotional blogs. They have provided encouragement and focus. One night, during the fast, and I wasn't even thinking a... Read More
Prior to the fast, my family and some of our best friends had received a calling to open a pediatric medical clinic that would combine low-cost, compa... Read More
Thank you so much for calling the body to this fast. I feel changed and challenged. I don't know to what degree but I do know God is closer or I am at... Read More
My soul is so stirred in this season in this fast and through your ongoing leadership in this daily email. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your co... Read More
Before reading the Day 39 blog, I had come to the conviction to grow in fasting and prayer lifestyle; seeking Jesus and praying for the "ekballo" and ... Read More
God bless you Man of God! I don’t even know where to begin😭 Praise Jesus! I just want to thank you for following and being obedient to all the ... Read More
After The Send I knew that wasn´t just an event or even a moment in my life, I knew that God wants to make revival born in me. At the first day of th... Read More
Ana Beatriz Moraes
Since starting this fast, I have felt a stirring in my heart to write songs again - songs to the Lord, about the Lord, for Him, and for the church. It... Read More
Amanda Rassamni
After praying and fasting super intentionally for the first time, I have been hearing from the Holy Spirit for the first time! I prayed to God asking ... Read More
Alex Heltemes
This fast stirred a fire for a dream I had 5 years ago of a massive worship event in South Africa, all kinds were there, people from every nation and ... Read More
Yolandi Botha
Thank you, Lou, for your heart of love and devotion to our Lord. It stirs my faith and pushes me forward in my pursuit of Jesus. Most of our whole ... Read More
God is so good!!! He’s such a loving father and he has given me breakthrough during this fast. He has taught me to hold onto Him with everything I h... Read More
From a teenage girl to now being a wife and mother of three, my heart is always set on fire by your words Lou. You carry such an anointing that brings... Read More
When I started the fast, my main goal was to get closer to Jesus. I did my first ever fast, juice and water fast like Daniel could’ve done. As time ... Read More
During this fast I have been traveling every week, with a group called World Race America, we are a Multigenerational biblical community that is fully... Read More
This fasting time has been a challenge many times. The Lord is beautiful! So amazing is his love, so Holy. I couldn't read, no far no closer, but the... Read More
Crisol Hernandez
I have known for years that I carry a gift of evangelism. I have been fasting on and off for 3 years now. I was excited to start this fast, as I was e... Read More
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