Day 7: Week 1 Recap and Prayer Points

Mar 7, 2019

Dear Fasting Friend,

We are in the 7th day of our fast. I hope your soul is drinking deeply from the streams of God and if you are not experiencing anything at this point, keep fasting in faith. God has promised to reward openly those who fast in the proper way. I have had fasts where it seemed quite dry but then, after the fast, the swirl of God’s presence overtakes me.

Let me recap the first week and give you clear and concise visionary points of agreeing prayer. I encourage you to pray these points daily throughout the fast.

#1 The Grace of Fasting

Mark 1:12-13

Pray for the continuous release of the grace of fasting for yourself and those fasting around the world. Lord release the grace and power of The Jesus Fast.

#2 A Mass Beholding of the Lamb of God

John 1:29

Pray for a massive beholding of the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. Pray for a worldwide Jesus movement where hundreds of thousands will be saved and healed. We are praying for 80 million souls and 200,000 full time missionaries to be sent from America. What about your nation?

#3 A Massive Fresh Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Matthew 3:11

We are praying as in the days of the book of Acts,  Azusa street, and in the days of the Charismatic movement for another mighty baptism of the Holy Spirit to fall on the church worldwide. This alone will make the Church His mighty witness to Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the world.

#4 The Scroll of Jesus Manifested in the Earth

Luke 4:18-21

Pray Luke 4:18 into the earth that the Spirit that was on Jesus would rest mightily on the church worldwide. Let us believe for signs and wonders, healings for hearts and bodies, mass deliverance and global awakening.

This is where it gets exciting. I believe your life and future will be changed forever in this fast. Let’s follow the Master Faster into his own Jesus Fast.

This coming week we will concentrate more on fasting for personal breakthrough and heart encounter with Jesus.



Lou Engle


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