Day 2: The 70-Year Cycle

Mar 2, 2019

“As the Creator is greater than which he has created, so is the power wielded by the Christian through fasting and prayer greater than that wielded by the atomic scientist.” – Franklin Hall                          
I, Daniel, perceived in the books the number of years that, according to the word of the LORD to Jeremiah the prophet, must pass before the end of the desolations of Jerusalem, namely, seventy years. – Daniel 9:2 (ESV)       
Twenty years ago, I was approached by a YWAM leader who asked me to help him call the whole world to a 40-Day Fast. I thought to myself, Lord, nobody knows who I am, but I’ve seen enough of your power. If this is you, have a prophet call me with a dream that I am flying a plane and dropping an atomic bomb. At the time I was reading a book that would be pivotal in my life: Atomic Power through Prayer and Fasting by Franklin Hall. That night, a prophet called me with that exact dream!  I was flying a plane and dropping an atomic bomb!  Whoa!
It was in 1946 that Franklin Hall released this booklet, and it began to fly across the world. It seemed as if for an entire season, the spirit and grace of fasting rested on the church. Reports of fasting from around the world began to come forth, with many testifying of God’s supernatural power and salvation. But I believe much more was happening. I am now convinced that a global season of fasting and prayer precipitated a worldwide harvest.
Within the following year, healing evangelists like Oral Roberts and T.L. Osborn launched their ministries w extended fasting.  In 1949, Billy Graham began his first extended Tent Crusade in Los Angeles that birthed decades of stadium evangelism. At the same time, Bill Bright received the word to start Campus Crusade for Christ, sweeping the campuses of America and the world with the Gospel Message. The Jesus fast was bringing Jesus the evangelist. 

I believe that we have come to a 70-year cycle of Franklin Hall’s book. It was more than a book. It was a sovereign call. When Daniel knew that it was time and that the 70 years were up, he set his face to birth the next era of redemptive history. I believe in these days we can birth Stadium Christianity and a Jesus Movement for the whole world.


Father, we believe we have come to Your appointed time. Loose the fast into the earth and impel your Body into the place of fasting and faith! Put Your Son on display for the whole earth! We pray for a double-portion fast for a double-portion Jesus Movement!


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