Thank you, Lou, for your heart of love and devotion to our Lord. It stirs my faith and pushes me forward in my pursuit of Jesus. Most of our whole church, about 50+ folks participating, young and old, from a small town of 2,000 people in northern Vermont set aside these last 40 days to fast and pray after watching The Send and hearing the call of the Lord. We have desired and prayed for revival in our town and community for a while, but it has taken the Lord to first do a work in our hearts as His people, to make us ready for what He desires to do. We are full of faith and excitement to serve our King. Participating in this fast, with hundreds of the body of Christ around the world also fasting, has fueled the fire in my heart. God has been at work in me to root out long-standing sins and things that easily trip up my feet, so I can run this race with more steadfastness and single focus. He is such a faithful God! We are so encouraged that God doesn’t forget a little town in the middle of the country that’s been crying out for more of Him and His heart for the lost. We will continue to pray and seek His face for the fullness of the outpouring He wants to release in this day and age. What an honor to be alive at this time! Thank you again for your life of devotion and prayer, storming the gates of heaven on behalf of our King and His people! Wendy Mae