Lou, You always stir our hearts to fasting, to encouragement and to pursuing Jesus with our all. Most of the fasts you have called I have tried to participate in even though I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for most of the past 8 years of my life. Sometimes it was fasting media, sometimes it was fasting sugar or cutting out gluten or something that challenged my bodies cravings and desires, yet still kept me safe and healthy for the babies. This most recent fast for Israel the Lord lead me to a radical food choice for 40 days. He told me to fast for 40 days on Raw Milk. As the primary food maker in my house this was a challenging fast! His grace was all over it! A week into the fast I was asking him to meld my heart to his people Israel. He highlighted to me that the woman who was sourcing the raw milk to me was a Jew herself and her name was Esther! He said as she is giving you the ability to fast, bless her and her family by praying for them! It is so incredible to me that he is always showing and guiding us in ALL things. Thank you for stirring our hearts!