Lou and Family,In 2009 my father, who was a giant in the faith and my guide unexpectedly went on to be with the Lord. His passing was life changing in so many ways for my family and me. In early 2018 I had a significant dream where I was walking through a Wal-mart in search of something. I was walking towards the front of the store when I passed a man and in passing realized, “that was my Dad!” I turned and chased him down, following him into one of the aisles. He was wearing a brown leather jacket and brown leather, non-descript shoes. Which I believe are significant of the common man (the nameless, faceless ones). I grabbed him and spun him around to face me (turning of the hearts of the fathers to the sons and sons to the fathers). I held onto him tightly (like Elisha and Elijah I would not let him go before he blessed me with the double portion of his mantel) jacket and shoes being his mantle which was that of the common man. He stepped back he looked at me without expression then turned and walked out of the store. I chased behind him wanting to follow him but could not. He walked out of the front doors into a blinding light and the dream ended.Since then, I’ve had so many other dreams. Many with significances that I don’t fully understand yet. I seek to know God and know His ways, with all that I am. To be a Nazarite to the call. To walk in purity and obedience and to be a man of fervent prayer. With that I just want to say that our family stands with you and your team. I am part of your “Briefing” family and follow the fasting and prayer challenges you regularly send out. God bless you and all that you and Chris Berglund are doing for the Lord.