I dreamed on 4-6-18 that I received a phone call from a man who said his name was LEM. A lot was going on around me and I couldn't hear well. I said, "Do we know each other?" I was never able to hear him except a few phrases mixed with static, words like: "all over the earth". I kept struggling to hear. The last thing he said before I woke up was: "The Story is Your Story" or either "Your Story is THE Story". (I had asked God to give me a dream before I went to bed that night. I had heard of Lou Engle back when my daughter was at IHOP in KC, so he was on my radar, but "LEM" didn't ring a bell so I didn't put that together until November-ish, 2018, when he sent out an email announcing the new name of the ministry as LEM. Immediately, I went back and looked up the dream and realized it was about Lou Engle calling me. In the email or on his website, he described a time away with God where he was commissioned to start LEM and the Send. I looked at the date he described of Easter weekend, and it was that weekend before my original dream on 04-06-19. Wow!! I then attended SEND in Orlando on 2-22-19.