My testimony begins before the fast and during the Send. By divine arrangement, even though I was not able to physically be in Orlando, I was able to seclude myself in a room to watch the Send livestream for 12 hours. As it was unfolding, I knew it was something very important that God would use in my region. The next day, Sunday, during worship at my church, the Holy Spirit came upon me heavily and gave me a strategy to reach my city - replicate the Send here. To take the model of gathering a large group of believers and sending them into the five mission fields. That Monday, I shared this with my pastor and we've been moving forward with this ever since. The details are coming together in wonderful ways! I started the fast on March 1 and have felt led to extend it with Lou Engle because God had been speaking and showing me such great things!During those first 40 days, I had a national speaker who I just met who asked me out of the blue if I was at the Send, talked about Lou Engle (they know each other) and told me to get it going in my city. I had a friend tell me she woke up one morning with two words - (my ministry) and Lou Engle and asked if I thought we should bring Lou Engle here. I have only told a few people about this assignment from God and neither of these people knew what God had already put in my heart. They were confirmations to me. I have a desire for a House of Prayer to be started in my city that would be a big part of birthing the big event that we'll probably do next year. Another day, I asked myself, who is doing what I want to do? The answer came to me, Lou Engle. I do not follow Lou Engle or know much about him, but I was at the Call Detroit in 2011 and I know Lou gathers Christians to pray and fast for revival. That is my heart also. Another idea dropped into my spirit to gather local ministry leaders for a luncheon just for fellowship. From pondering the word "Ekballo", we came up with a name for the Send event here, which is a synonym for Send. I had a divine encounter with someone who turned me on to Curry Blake. I've been praying for my son and his wife to fall more in love with God, and she just told me they are becoming more active in their church. It's a start. During the fast I've read, reread and am reading: Revival Starts Here, Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough, and Azusa Street. I've been following Lou's daily emails which have been encouraging and I am so thankful that God cleared my schedule and allowed me to watch all of the Send from home. My life will never be the same and neither will the believers in my region because by God's grace, we will be replicating the Send here next year!!I would love for Lou Engle to read this testimony. And I would love for him to come and be a part of the Send gathering here!