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Hey Lou! Thank you so much for being diligent and believing in my generation! This fast has been so wonderful, as I was able to draw so much nearer to Him than I’ve been able before. Thank you for setting the stage having your ceiling be our floor! Reading the blog everyday and believing with you for a shift in America and the nations of the earth was so encouraging and life giving! It was so helpful to hear and understand your story, because it truly brought courage to my life! I’m bummed the 40 days are over, I will for sure, keep reading the blogs and set time aside weekly to fast certain meals. Jesus is just too precious not to do that! I’m leaving this fast with a greater hunger to see Him and a longing in my heart to know Him more intimately, like Jesus prays in John 17. I also declare that over you Lou! The Lord will reward years of crying out, and it will be above and beyond you can ever ask or imagine! You will be so blown away by the waves of young people entering into missions worldwide because of prayers you prayed! Thank you, because your prayer probably ekballoed me into the missions field! Bless you and your team! - Nico (YWAM Kona staff)