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Love you, Papa Lou!!! LOVE YOU!!! On Thursday morning GOD gave me "the GOD of PEACE will crush satan under your feet"! On my way to work in Manhattan the bus I was on almost had an accident - we stopped so hard that people screamed. I was reading that verse as the bus shook. I felt the Lord show me that this word was from the Lord for me and my family, it is alive and active and kept us from that accident. That afternoon I get a call from the hospital, my father had a heart attack. I rushed home to find out he is alive by a miracle!! He went to the dr with some discomfort, as the nurse was performing the EKG he got a heart attack, an ambulance took him to hospital. I get a text about 15 minutes later, our next door neighbor who is a follower of Christ wrote: "I am with your father". Again, I felt the Lord tell me this word from the morning "the G-D of PEACE will crush satan under your feet". My daddy came home last night - He is alive!! I turn 40 this Friday, will be fasting till Ressurection Sunday! You've been a spiritual father to me since TheCall NYC in 2001. Love you, Papa Lou!! My two boys, my hubby and my parents all love you!!! I am honored to have read these daily blogs, they were fire inside of me, I will treasure them and have been rereading them. Hallelujah!! This word is for you too and all of our brothers and sisters who have joined in this fast "the GOD of PEACE will crush satan under your feet"!! Show quoted text