For 10 years I have burned for missions in the Middle East, for dreams and visions, for the salvation of Iran. For this time I’ve tried to go but have found myself in cycles of great hiding from God. Issues of PTSD and addiction. Trauma that affected me from a very young age and lies I believed. The holy spiritual has never let me go. The past weeks leading up to today, he has continued to reach out. “ Arise “ he would tell me. And this morning, I listened with opened ears and a willing spirit. My pastor is preaching a series on evangelism and the purpose of God from the text of Jonah. It’s happening now and I couldn’t help but realize how defiantly I’ve run from God. The series reminded me of a prophecy I received over 5 years ago. I was spoken to by a pastor once, prophesied to in front of the congregation. He told me I wasn’t called to be a Jonah but an Ester. He told me I couldn’t run or hide anymore. Now is the time to boldly approach God throne. To pour hour our love to him and live fully lead by his spirit. It will be a time of great consecration.