I’ve had quite a few dreams during this fast. I wanted to share 2 briefly as I believe they confirmed the fulfillment of the purpose of the fast.
I dreamt my Mother and I were walking down the sidewalk next to a highway when a huge church with beautiful windows dropped out of the sky and landed right next to the sidewalk (not set in with a parking lot or walkway in front of it). We were going to go in when a withered desperate woman knelt at my feet crying and she put my hands on her head. I could feel how she felt and I knew what my God was going to do for her.
Also I dreamt my husband and I went up to an old man to buy his huge motor, he said that it was really fast and powerful and he was selling it because he was upgrading. He said it was a LandRover. I looked in my hands and I had rolls and rolls of money.
I am new at interpreting but I know we were praying for power and the second coming and I know the world is so desperate right now, God is going to do amazing things!