I was abused by a Satanic cult and developed multiple personalities. I became a Christian at 18. I was a bisexual & lead an occult group among my friends. Jesus spoke to me one day. I knew it was Him, though I don’t know how. He pursued me. I gave my life to Jesus in my bedroom. I was changed instantly. I was beat up & kicked out of my home following my conversion. It had no impact on me! Jesus was my everything! I have integrated all personalities & was delivered from demons. I Was also delivered out of drugs & alcohol. I am now happily married 25 years. We have 5 beautiful children & one granddaughter. I help lead a women’s group in teaching & prayer. I have helped others get free from the occult & occult curses. Jesus is the name above all names! Don’t give up! No matter how big your problems or issues are. God knows & He sees you & He loves you!