I have known for years that I carry a gift of evangelism. I have been fasting on and off for 3 years now. I was excited to start this fast, as I was expectant to see some kind of move from The Father. I underestimated big time.... on day 1 of the fast I found myself praying over a friends baby that had major medical problems and she was completely healed, and that was basically every day of this fast. Nearly every day I saw Jesus intervening in people’s lives around me, and all it took was a humble willing vessel. This fast has propelled me fully into the fullness of what The Father has for me as His son, and has delivered me from struggles that has pulled my focus from Him for a long time, like my crippling addiction to sports, and unclean music. This is something I’ve been praying to get for years. Only God can do this kind of stuff. Only God. Hallelujah.