Lou, Thank you for sharing your heart for Israel and for your obedience! The revelation God has given you and the testimonies you share has done something to me. I have never thought to pray for Israel at all or actually had a love for them. I always new i was supposed to be kind to the Jewish people and deep down I realize I thought less of them than my Christian brothers and sisters. Let me tell you, that has all changed! A couple of days into this current fast, God gave me a dream concerning Israel and the Jewish people. The context was meeting with them, dining, and learning about them. God has stirred me in such a way that I have a desire to pray for the Jewish people just as much as my own wife and children! I have been meeting Messianic Jewish men and praying with them for Israel and learning about their culture. I am currently in Kansas city at IHOP Immerse, and my heart is burning with love to intercede on behalf of Israel! I thank God for you Lou! Bless you brother - Justin Kelly Michigan