Lou, my heart melts so much as I think about a global Yeshua Fast. Tears fall from my eyes thinking about it. I am a Messianic Jew. I grew up attending a Messianic Jewish Congregation. I’m still part of a Messianic Jewish community, but I’m also part of JHOP Boston & Hilltop Church. I love this community. All of it overwhelms me. My prayer for these 40 days is that we would see a transformed Jewish population of Boston in addition to around the world. There are so many college students who don’t know the Lord, nonetheless, many Jewish college students don’t know Him yet. They need to know Him. I’m praying & believing that God will pour out His Spirit upon Israel during this fast. I’m praying that true redemption would come from Passover to Pentecost. Thank you for organizing. I pray that we will be the generation that sees all Israel saved. Blessings & Shalom! Joe