I did a modified fast as I am a mother of seven children and I have been greatly encouraged by how I have seen the Lord move. Early on in the fast, I had a dream that I was very pregnant and I was rubbing my very full belly. My house was full of people and my husband was preaching a message of repentance. When he was done I went and hugged him, still rubbing my belly. I felt repentant, the whole room full of people did as well. Repentant but encouraged and hopeful. I knew my belly wasn’t pregnant with a child but rather a calling. My husband felt assured he had spoken exactly what the Lord wanted him to. A few weeks later as I was praying Matthew 9:37-38 along with all my brothers and sisters in this Jesus Fast (day 19) I had a vision of my husband harvesting (wheat but I knew it was souls). We live in central California and he was standing pulling the harvest in from a field as far as the eye could see - the whole central valley. His eyes were resolutely set on the harvest. He had Jesus’ heart for the harvest and the Lord said, “he is My steady harvester of souls. He will pull many souls into My Kingdom & he will encourage many others to harvest in the same way he does.” (He is not a pastor by trade but rather a financial advisor, he has the gift of speaking the truth in love and people trust him and respond). A week later the doctors found blockage in his heart and scheduled him for an angiogram and stents. We began to pray the blood of Jesus through his arteries and that Jesus’ blood would remove 100% of that plaque. He went in 4 days ago for the procedure and the doctor called me shocked - he had 0% blockage - perfectly clear arteries! We knew Jesus had graciously shown us His healing power!! That same day (April 5) was The Altar Conference here in Fresno, California. The Holy Spirit had been interceding with groans too deep for words through me this entire fast for The Altar (many of the same speakers/worship leaders from The Send were there). At the end of the conference (Saturday evening) when Jeremy Riddle, Steffany Gretzinger & Heidi Baker we’re up there they were powerfully interceding for our city. They could sense that there was a resistance in our city - I felt in my spirit it was Christians not wanting to fully yield to Holy Spirit. They battled in prayer and worship for our city and I’m so grateful they did. I believe that the seeds deposited at The Altar will bear much fruit in our Central Valley and just how the Central Valley is one of the worlds most productive agricultural regions and we send our fruit across the whole world, so we will send the fruit that comes from the breakthrough at The Altar across the whole world. I am continuing to fast for this breakthrough in our valley. My hearts cry (and I feel the Holy Spirit groaning so strong within me) is that Christian’s who are called by His Name will humble ourselves and pray and seek His Face (the FULLNESS of His Spirit) and turn from our wicked ways (fully yielding our whole lives to Him). I long to see Christians (specifically in our region here in central California) to give up their lives entirely to find True Life!! That we would joyfully live crucified to Him and we would no longer live but we would fully allow Christ to live in us!! That Rivers of Living Water would burst from within us!!!