Heather Northrop
A couple years ago at the prophetic summit in Dallas my then 8th grade daughter heard you speak about fasting and she came home told her teachers she was fasting for a week and that she would be drinking a smoothie at lunch and putting it in the refrigerator and not to worry about her. This perplexed the vice principal, and kitchen stuff she said she was fasting and praying for her dad. I got a couple of funny emails about how they never heard of a kid doing such a thing. A year later God spoke very clearly to me and said that I should be so impressed with the example my daughter had set for me a& would I join in on this lifestyle choice. That led to a major shift in my household & and a family that’s been redeemed. We came home from the mission field 7 years ago and my husband was deeply wounded. He checked out emotionally and eventually filed for divorce. My daughters and I contended in prayer for him the last four years. I just wanna say thank you for being bold enough to ask people to join you. I was a Bible teacher, missionary, and never had fasted. Holy Spirit drew my daughter by your words and then she said a precedents in our house. Today, my oldest is in Kona doing DTS, that middle school girl who taught us to fast and my husband and I are headed to YWAM SHIPS this summer. Hurt and wounds almost destroyed our household, but then we fasted and prayed. Thank you, this is the inheritance.