I did a 40 day fast last year (2019) that started March 13. My husband did it along with me. The day we started our 6 year old, unaware of the fast we were starting, told us she had a dream that her and her sisters were behind us as my husband and I “fought the bad guys”. We saw great victory through the fast, my husband fasted for a co worker to find her biological mom, and she did! But one of the most beautiful victories we wouldn’t learn about until November 2019. Right after this 40 day fast ended, the Lord called me into another 40 day fast for two friends who were trying to save their marriage after adultery. After that fast was over, the wife, who had been the one cheated on, experienced freedom and healing from wounds and they are doing great today!!!! Praise You Jesus!Our 4 year old kept telling us she was going to have a brother. Then we lost two babies in the fall; after we felt the Lord say it was time for another baby.2 days after we lost the first baby...we received the call we were officially licensed foster parents!And in November, 3 days after we lost our second baby.... we received a called...about a 7 month old baby boy who needed a foster home.We learned his birthdate: March 31. He was born during our 40 day fast.And now we are in the process of adopting him!!!!He can do more think we think or imagine. Fasting and prayer is such a beautiful gift we get to have.