Glenn Cohoon
Being brought up Catholic we were isolated from other faiths. Only through the Charismatic movement was I exposed to the Holy Spirit and his work in bringing the Jew and Gentile into the One new man in the Messiah and a local priest fleshed it out by having a Passover seder service and his love for the Word. He being from Polish roots where there was much interaction between Jews and Catholics especially in the persecution there was expressed in some a heroism to protect our brothers from which came our Savior and Messiah for the world. Today we are daily challenged to provoke to jealousy w loving acts those from whom we\'ve been grafted in by the perfect Lamb. My life and ministry as well as my wife and son the latter two have Jewish blood have been guided into a greater understanding of what our role is in these latter days which can only be accomplished in His grace and by the Holy Spirit