From the beginning of the 40 day fast it has been a mental and physical battle. But at every turn (every 10 days) the Father has been so generous with his encouragement and his love toward me! After the first quarter of the fast on day 10 my son had a vision of revival and a friends son who is 7 had a dream about me that was deeply meaningful! Halfway through the fast on day 20 the dream from the 7 year old friend about me was physically manifested and I for the first time was given the opportunity to prophesy to our church of thousands a word about RAINS OF REVIVAL! On day 30 (3/4 of the way through) God so graciously gave my son yet another vision!! This time he saw a pump track for bikes which for our family represents as vision and a promise from God and on the pump track he saw the words “quarter mile”! As soon as my son told me what he saw it I knew that the Father was speaking to me, “you have a quarter mile left!!! Go the distance!!! The promises, the vision, the hope is all still there press forward don’t give up now!” I cannot tell you how deeply personal all of this is that God would use my own son to bring his love and encouragement to me!!! Our ministry and our heart is to raise up a generation who hears and sees God and is mobilize in their faith!!! So for the Lord to use my son and a 7 year old friend To bring his words, his love and encouragement to me I’m just blown away by our God!!! God is raising up a generation that is powerful and mighty and hears his voice !! He is pouring out his Spirit on all people young and old!! Your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams ! It’s happening! Thank you so much for leading us all on this incredible experience of drawing closer to the Lord and interceding for REVIVAL! It’s the cry of or heart! ♥️