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Prior to the fast, my family and some of our best friends had received a calling to open a pediatric medical clinic that would combine low-cost, compassionate medical care to all and the opportunity for people to experience supernatural healing through prayer. We had no idea how this might come to fruition, definitely not enough money, and no known location. We did have a series of prophetic Words which confirmed that the Holy Spirit was moving us and that we would not fail. We prayed daily during the fast that God would send us to the neighborhoods and make a way. Through the 40 days, we received an opportunity to sign a lease for clinic space within a 48,000 square foot school owned by a local church for $1 a year. This school is directly located within a city neighborhood, houses a school for children with autism, and provides real-life solutions to children from disadvantaged homes. Our clinic will be a springboard to tangibly reach these people! In the last week of the fast, I felt the Lord tell me that he was releasing his presence to move on the clinic and that we were to prepare ourselves. That same morning, our nurse practitioner received that she was to pack all things from her current job as this adventure would be starting soon. The very next day, we received confirmation that supernatural finances would be delivered to us to provide supplies and salaries for the two people who were quitting their current jobs to work full-time at this clinic. The nonprofit Sozo Pediatrics will likely be launched in June 2019 in Lancaster Ohio and, I believe, that this partnering medical professionals with churches will provide a framework for others to do the same in our area. Thanks, Lou and all others involved in The Send for your endurance, hard work, and faithfulness to your calling!