Diane Sandoval
I am so blessed to have been changed by Lou Engle's passion for souls, this nation, and to end abortion. I believe it was 2003 that I drove from ABQ to Las Vegas to go to ICLV Holy Spirit Conf to hear Chuck Pierce. I didn't have money so I drove all day Monday to hear Chuck, then was planning to drive home Tues. so I didn't have to get another hotel room. I had never heard of Lou Engle who was to speak the next morning, but I thought, "Since I'm here, I should go to the morning service and then leave." Well, God had other plans as that morning, Lou preached such a powerful message that we were all on our faces for hours crying out to God for souls, this nation, to end abortion, etc, and I didn't leave the service until 1:30 p.m. I was so moved that I couldn't leave so I went back that night and I finally walked out of the service after weeping for hours at around 10 p.m. I drove all night to get home and wept and prayed all the way, stopping for a quick nap in Flagstaff in a parking lot. That was the beginning of my journey. I went to the Call in San Diego, drove to Col Springs to Dutch Sheets church and heard Lou again, as well as all the powerful men of God. I went to Azusa Call in LA in 2014, I think, and that was transforming! Every time we cried out in repentance, it poured rain! WOW!! I will never forget it--repenting to the African American, First People, Hispanics, and the Lord and it was the best day of my life. Young people, get on God's side and cry out! I am now 72, and will not stop crying out to end abortion. I was in San Francisco when Roe v Wade was legalized, and was a missionary in Fillmore, with the Baptist and did not even know about abortion, what it was, etc. I had not heard the word until 1972. Planned Parenthood was already performing abortions in SF, not only destroying babies lives, but mothers' lives. This must end. It is no longer 60 million--it's probably 100 million. Let us turn to the Lord with all our hearts and bring an end to abortion and the beginning of a great revival. I just heard Lou and Sean's interview--everyone needs to watch it. I have been a teacher in high school as I did all this travelling and I am retiring soon to do full-time work for the Lord--whatever it is! God bless you!!!! Diane