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Hi Lou, I am from Jamaica and the first time I saw you (virtually) was Jesus '18. I was so stirred as I listened and watched you. I was amazed that there was someone that has devoted themselves to intercession and the mission and vision you articulated was so in-keeping with what I have been carrying. I had to join the SEND! I watched online and pledged to join the Jesus Fast; I had to start one week later (so Monday April 15 will be my 40th day). The devotionals were so encouraging and gave clear directives on how to pray. I have joined everyone doing the Jesus Fast in asking God to hurl forth laborers into the harvest beginning with me and my family! God answered! He opened a door for my husband as he was asked to take up pastoral duties next month in one of the most volatile communities in our country! God is sending us to His friends; the forsaken and neglected to tell them that He cares and loves them! How amazing is this! The objective of Treading Times is so relevant and has set a pattern for us to follow. As we prepare to go and get settled in, we will be treading on every road and adjoining communities to claim that which belong to our Father. Blessing to you Lou and the team and I am truly inspired and blessed by your ministry. I am even paying more attention to my dreams (though I don't always understand what they mean :-))