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Deborah A. Atzori

Lou, several years ago, actually during the revival on the Mott Auditiorium, you went to preach in another city, and I went with my friend Olivia. There you prophesied to me my ministry was one like Hanna, praying day and night. Since them He has called me to fast more and to take the vow of the Nazirite as in Number 6. Presently is my third time and the longest. when I took the vow the first time He gave me peace in the midst of the storm. He has blessed me so much. Presently the prophetic anointing in on me more than ever. I am on the fast over a week until the election. Praying specifically for the abortion law and for safety to the President. I love your ministry. Yehovah sent fire from Heaven in 1979 to burn my idols It is written in my book "New Life and Glory" on Kindle now on Amazon. I want to encourage you to continue for your voice will shake everything that can be shaken for the anointing is on you. I pray for your health. I am also publishing "The Lost Sheep." and other. I a missionary of 81 years old, and serving my Elohim with all my heart. He is revealing Himself to me and will do this with everyone who will seek Him. Yehovah is LOVE. HE LOVES EACH ONE OF US, BUT AMERICA MUST REPENT. NOW IS THE TIME. REVIVAL IS COMING MUCH BIGGER THAN IN THE PAST. KEEP ON LOOKING UP, IT IS EVEN NOW BEGINNING. SHALOM