I am on my 39th day of fasting with water and communion daily. When God led me into this time he encouraged me with this, "Consider this time beauty treatments, as Esther had before meeting her King. This is a time of consecration when I am making you without spot or wrinkle. This is the filling of the lamp with annointing oil. Readiness, preparedness leading to a great outpouring celebration on Pentecost." I did not know my 40th day would be on Hebrew calendar Pentecost. God has let me experience so much pertaining to sowing in the time between Passover and Pentecost. He told me that what is sown in this 50 days will experience abundant multiplication in the season after Pentecost. Our home church has boldly reached out to the lost of our community in the midst of lock down. Every week God gives me something to sow into the body that meets at my house. They. In turn, bring back testimonies of how they multiplied the sowing and saw God bless others. I heard you say you may go 100 days. I will seek God to see if I will join you in that. Blessings!