Constanze Bohg
Dear Lou & team, God's timing is always perfect! I fasted w/ you and thousands of Christians last year, 2020 during the Jesus Fast. It was a most precious and holy time and season. This year I asked God again and again when I should fast again and what for. I didn't have a clue, tried fasting and it just didn't seem right. Today I got your email about the Yeshua Fast 2021. What can I say - I'm in and I'm so excited!! Can't wait, in fact, will start praying for this season right away. I believe we're called for such a time as this. I serve at a prayer house here in Germany and we've been interceding for months for God to move mightily on behalf of our country, Israel and the globe. I believe strongly, He is on the move! Thank you so much for initiating this fast, for being obedient and for being his faithful servant. God bless!