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Carlos Sarmiento
When I heard about the Jesus fast/40 days, I thought it would be something that I would participate in.  I even put it in my planner for 2020 and blocked out those 40 days. But, by the end of the year/2019, I thought maybe this wasn’t something that I should participate in. However, sometime in mid January I begin to feel that perhaps the Lord did want me to participate in the fast. So I asked for a confirmation and on February 9th I had a very profound dream that woke me up feeling very strongly that the Lord was directing me to do so. In the dream, I was with three very prominent ministers among other evangelists, leaders and believers. I remember telling them in deep distress (especially to the three of them) that we needed to pray but to fast as well. I felt a very strong sense of urgency about this. The scene changed and I saw myself pounding the floor on my face/knees crying out to the Lord for mercy, repentance and to pour out His Spirit upon our nation. I felt such a deep stirring/mourning within me. As I mourned and travailed, (I literally began to moan in my sleep) I suddenly saw the Lord approaching us as we continued crying out to Him. It seemed like the more we continued to cry out, pound the floor, weep and travail, the closer He drew to us. It was really stirring and I felt such a sense of the fear and terror of the Lord on me. I didn’t realize it but My wife was hearing me moan in my sleep and woke me up because she thought I was having a nightmare. I am taking the dream to mean that the Lord is definitely directing me to join this fast. I have given the invitation to those in our community here at the Orlando House of Prayer and fellow minister/pastor friends of mine.