Andrea Rocke
It's so challenging to put into words just how instrumentally the Lord has used you (Lou Engle) in my life, but here it goes; I met you for the first time a couple of months ago in Tallahassee at the International House Of Prayer. You and your lovely family ministered to me and my family (husband, Zac Rocke, my parents, and my sister brother-in-law) in a personal and intimate way that is so unique and special. Before ever meeting you, my sister Amy Correia passed along a little booklet to me back in 2015 - called "Nazarite DNA". It changed my life and answered the many questions I had as to why God moved me to Florida (a place I said I would NEVER live) without a job, no car, and ultimately only a few bags of clothes to my name. I know now, that He was positioning me for such a time as this, and birthing dreams inside of my heart to see Revival. To see a revolution of believers refusing to settle for anything less than what God has for us. This dream was inside of my heart and it has launched as a non-profit called "Like Wildflowers". Let me backtrack for one minute because that dream had settled into my heart through trials and tribulations and it gathered dust and despair for a few years. However, sitting with you and your wife, at THOP I could feel that dream again and it began to leap within me. You STIRRED the sleepiness that had fallen on my spirit and revived that dream in me again, on February 5th, 2019 in Tallahassee, FL. So, on February 22nd, 2019 (my birthday) I finally launched Like Wildflowers. Since then, I've been fasting and praying and have seen God birth more dreams inside of me, a couple in particular that involves my husband and I together that will hopefully launch this year, but I received very SPECIFIC confirmation from your new book, "The Jesus Fast" (pg. 40) on those dreams. Jesus is so worthy of pressing through the disappointments and persevering no matter the cost. This is God's promise and He is speaking to me and confirming so much through your obedience and discipline to pray and fast and seek His face. The attached photo is a picture of myself having a "Prayer in the Garden" type moment with my Maker. This is something that the Lord showed me recently, in Luke 22:46 - as disciples of Jesus, we all need to SHAKE the sorrow and the sleep OFF and RISE + PRAY! Fully persuaded of the full access we have as His children. For me, this call all started the day I gave my life to Jesus and made Him my Lord and Savior (May 3rd, 2012), but then something really started to shift on September 25th, 2015 when I left Michigan to answer the call of God on my life and move to Tallahassee. Something else changed when I read "Nazarite DNA". For about a year and a half, I lived a Daniel Fast. I desirously gave myself to devouring the scriptures, and prayer day and night. I just couldn't get enough and I knew that the Lord was doing something inside of me. It continues through "The Jesus Fast", as I've yielded myself to God, this fire in my bones burns hotter and hotter. I am in great anticipation to see what the rest of 2019 has in store and especially 2020. I sincerely say, THANK YOU to you and your wife, Therese (I am convinced she is an angel, simply due to how gracious and loving she is in her words and actions). She is truly inspiring in the most Spirit-filled way possible. You have molded my destiny through your own ministry in a mighty way! May God bless you and your family. Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come! To Him Who is worthy. With Love & Grace, Andrea Rocke P.S. My husband and I had the pleasure of going to dinner with Contend Global's, Nicole Forber & Kanaan Allen. They spoke so highly of you and your family and were just a delight to be around. Especially, Nicole, you could really sense how powerfully you and your family have affected her life. It blessed my heart greatly. The impact that you, your family and your team have goes further and wider than you could ever imagine. God bless.