Ana Beatriz Moraes
After The Send I knew that wasn´t just an event or even a moment in my life, I knew that God wants to make revival born in me. At the first day of the fast, I was working in my local church carnival conference ( very common in Brazil) and as a volunteer I had no expectations on see the first session, but somehow here I was just hearing that man who is one of that I belive greatest revivalists in Brazil today... after like 30 minutes of a powerful sermon about the Prayer Spirit I was literally on the ground crying out to the Lord to send me His Spirit and make me a revivalist in this world. After some days I was in my prayer time speaking to God about the revival and How much we want and need this and He lead me to a moment of cry, pray and declare this ... some days after in my church a young boy said "the revival in Brazil is a reality of our right now ". The fast is teaching me about to count all as a loss, after see and feels things like never before at The Send and in fast time nothing in this world will ever be enough but God wants to show this world who He is and He wants to do this through my life.