DAY 40: Yay! It’s the 40th Day!

Apr 9, 2019

Disclaimer: We are not calling for an extension of this fast. What I shared yesterday was a personal invitation from God to me. Others may be stirred in a similar fashion, but today is our celebration, the 40 days are up!

It’s April 9th! The anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival. Every year we have done this fast, we have pointed to this date believing that we will see an epic outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our lives, family, and nation. Receive the Holy Spirit!

Congratulations, you have passed through a wilderness which I’m sure has seen some great spiritual highs, but probably deeper valleys and dark moments. Isn’t that what the wilderness is about? But even a glimpse of heaven or a phrase from God’s voice will ruin you for everything else. I’ve experienced some dark days in this fast, but rarely have I heard His voice so clear. Some may say, “It was a terrible experience,” but I remind you what Derek Prince said, “Every fast done in faith will be rewarded by God.” Friend, look to the reward. I am reaping the fruit of extended fasts I did 30 years ago.

Today’s devotional is a 2 sectioned address. First of all, I am so thrilled during this fast to have been joined in a new friendship with a man named Dr. Vaughn Lawrence, a naturopath doctor. He has done extended fasting, has studied the subject and can equip you on how to break a fast and the health dimensions of lifestyle fasting. I am glad to direct you to this video and written article on the spiritual and physical wisdom of breaking a fast. If you have fasted with just water this video is a must watch.

The Gospel writer Matthew describes the end of Jesus fast as the beginning of his ministry. I want you to see this fast as the beginning of a new era of your life. Don’t just look back and say, “I accomplished a fast,” rather say, “I have begun the ministry.”

On this final day let us follow Jesus’ own story.

Matthew 4:10 Then Jesus said to him, “Be gone Satan! For it is written…” 

On this 40th day, let thousands declare the written word of God, “Satan be gone!” over their own addictions; mountains over their lives and families; obstacles of finance and future plans. Loose that word of faith. Declare it out loud all day long. “Satan be gone!” Dare to believe for a great deliverance.

Matthew 10:10 “You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only shall you serve.” 

Turn this 40th day, and the days and months following, into a focused habit of praise and worship. Determine to turn your back on the idolatrous flesh hooks that held you before saying, “I will worship the Lord my God, and Him only will I worship.” Determine to be a singer of his praise into these glorious new days.

Matthew 10:11 Then the Devil left Him, and behold, angels came and were ministering to him. 

On this 40th day, open yourself to the divine swirl of the angelic activity moving around you. I have found at times at the end of fasts, an overwhelming ecstasy, partly because I can eat, but mostly because I can feel the nearness of Heaven. Look for divine appointments, let your heart swell to the Spirit of God pulsing within you. Jesus came out of the fast in the power of the Spirit.

Matthew 10:12 …He withdrew into Galilee… so that what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah might be fulfilled. 

Step out into the new place and into the new direction God has called you to during this fast. Fulfill the prophecy which was written in the book God authored about you before you were born.

Matthew 10:17 From that time Jesus began to preach. 

Preach! Do the work of an evangelist. Declare your life message. Come out of the caves of insecurity and let loose your light to shine on those who dwell in the shadow of death.

Thank you once again for following me on “This dream trek, on this horrible, wonderful highway of commanding destiny.” (Mark Rutland), called The Jesus Fast. Hopefully it has changed your life, and hopefully, it won’t be your last. Please join me as I will continue blogging as the Holy Spirit directs.


-Lou Engle



  1. Name *Amanda Gonçalves de Oliveira

    Lou sou grata a Deus pela sua vida!
    Eu não o conhecia antes deste jejum.

    Uma semana antes do jejum iniciar, acordei na madrugada e fui orar a Deus. Perguntei a Ele o q era pra eu jejuar e em qual direção.

    Na manhã seguinte acordei, e uma amiga comissária havia me enviado em planilha “Jejum de Jesus”. Acordei passada de alegria com a resposta tão rápida de Deus. A direção foi leia Mateus… Li durante o jejum e no 30 dia iniciei o livro de atos …e ainda estou lendo.

    Confesso q por motivos de trabalhar fora e saúde, entreguei em meu jejum algo q me.custasse e tenho certeza q Deus abriu os céus e abrirá mais ainda em todas as nações.

    Que o Senhor amado Jesus venha te entregar mais estratégias para o reino avançar.

    Muito obrigada por ser instrumento de Deus nesta terra

    Estamos juntos!

  2. Lisa Siegel

    Thank you, dear Brother Lou, for encouraging us daily in this Jesus fast. It has been a very special time! The Lord Jesus has spoken to me, “Come away with me, my beloved.” As I followed him away, He retired me from all social media, I missed many meetings and pro-life events I normally attend in the spring, and He showed me His path of meekness for me was a partial fast (so I could not boast later). In partially eating, I was able to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday dinner with our family without making anyone feel awkward. I was encouraged often by Isaiah 58, Psalm 23, 54, 57 & 91. I kept hearing Jesus say to read these chapters, and I needed them every time! There were dark valleys to travel through, but my Great Shepherd was there to hear my cry and answer with His help. Yesterday there was a mountaintop view of some of the future for our family, and I could see honor, love and Jesus being in the center of the plans! God has been so faithful, and my husband and I have grown during this time. My sweet mom Judy also did this fast- her first extended one ever at the age of 74, and she blessed us all as her revelation from Jesus would spill over onto us! Praise the Lord for all He is doing in the earth! God will have His way today in Israel in their elections, in our national need for revival and the ending of this covenant with death, and in bringing His heavenly kingdom here- all for His glory!

  3. Kimberly

    Thank you sooo much for the invitation to fast for 40 days. It has been enlightening and so fulfilling. I’ve seen the power of fasting the beginning of 2017, when I did the Daniel’s Fast. I was desperate and needed to hear from God. In the past I had tried to fast, but never did the full 21 days. But 2017 I was desperate. So I fasted for 2 specific issues in my life. The last night of the fast I laid in bed and said to God. Ok God I did it. Now what? And at that moment he gave me the name for my business. Just like that. And 8 days later the answer to my second prayer was answered in the most random conversation. Again he answered my prayer. He is faithful. This 40 day fast was not easy. Especially the last 3 days, but your daily devotions were the encouragement I needed to keep going. During this time he has revealed things to me through scripture and I expectantly wait for the breakthrough I know that is coming. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  4. Melanie Stewart

    There really are no words for what this time has meant. I have wept all day at the wonder of our beautiful, magnificent God.

    I feel so strongly stirred about what you shared concerning Frank Bartleman’s year and know the Lord is calling me to that life.

    Your posts have been so anointed. Keep them coming.

    Forever grateful.

    Melanie Stewart


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