DAY 26: From Stone Wall to Wailing Wall

Mar 26, 2019

And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

1 Corinthians 6:11

“What the hippies were to the first Jesus movement, maybe the LGBT will be to this Jesus movement.”

The Stonewall Inn there in New York City is widely considered the flashpoint for the 1969 gay rights movement. The results of that revolution are extraordinary in what it has gained in culture and influence over the nations of the earth. The Church took a stand against this Stonewall movement. Rightfully holding fast to Biblical truth we often failed to express the love of Christ to the LGBT community. I myself took a public stand for marriage only between a man and a woman. Regretfully at times I didn’t express with wisdom and love the truth I was trying to communicate, though often in tears, I would call on Jesus to help me represent him rightly.


I’m afraid that the stone wall approach to the Stonewall movement built walls, instead of representing Jesus in whom is the fullness of Grace and Truth. Now, I think,  the Lord has given us by revelation his heart’s pathway to this community. It is the pathway of the wailing wall, not the Stonewall.


In 1989 a great prophet named Bob Jones was caught up in a vision where he saw 100,000 LGBT men and women being set free. Many were raised up to preach the love of Christ with power. AIDS was being healed and lives were being transformed. He saw this as only the first wave of a massive Jesus Movement. Bob said to us, “It’s a true vision, but it’s waiting for an intercessory movement to carry it in prayer.”


Then some years ago my friend had a dream in Nashville. In the dream he saw a wailing wall over which was written, “100,000 LGBT saved and transformed.” Individual names of those struggling with same-sex attraction and desiring to be free were written on the wall. He then saw people coming to the wall, putting their hands on one of the names and with love and tears would begin praying for those dear ones. Suddenly the name would fly off the wailing wall and fly over to a testimony wall because they had been touched and changed by God.


1st Corinthians speaks of those wrongly living in various sexual lifestyles, but God says, “Such were some of you, but you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of Jesus Christ.”


15 years ago the Lord Jesus gave our community a prayer assignment to pray for those 100,000. Would many of you reading this and joining on this fast take up this prayer with me daring to believe for a great outpouring of God’s love and power on the LGBTQ community? Pray that wailing walls would go up everywhere and that Jesus would give us his heart of love. Would you join me in praying continuously, “Lord of the Harvest, ekballo laborers into this community you love!”



Lord today we believe that there is another mass Jesus Movement coming where thousands will be saved healed and touched by your love. We believe you are going to sing a new love song over this nation. Sing it over the LGBT community. Ring the bell of freedom once again over our land. Cause the Church to be prepared to open their hearts, not with a stone wall, but with a wailing wall of love, kindness, and patience to receive them into our family. We pray for 100,000 souls as the first wave of those who will proclaim, “Such was I, but I was washed.”  Amen.



  1. Ashley Williams

    That’s awesome! So true I was delivered from the homosexual lifestyle and it’s my heart to see thousands of others changed too. The prophet Elijah thought that he was alone, but there were many waiting to break free. I want to see a revolution

  2. Katherine Reynolds

    Thank you! When I was in college, I gave my newborn daughter up for adoption. I went through a Christian adoption agency, not because I had any real experiential knowledge of what it meant to be a Christian or its culture, but because it sounded a whole lot better than what was occurring in my life at the time. All couples professing Christians and abiding in the Christian lifestyle. All adoptions were closed. When my daughter turned 18, she contacted us and wanted to connect with me and her dad. The man that I chose to raise my daughter had since transitioned to a women when my daughter was middle school age and still remains married to the mother I chose to raise my daughter to this day. I have since developed a personal relationship with Christ Jesus and live my life accordingly. I share all this to say, I’ve struggled to reconcile my experience with adoption with the purposes and plans of God regarding my daughter. I have a prayer assignment God gave me for Eric and Kathy but reading this today has increased my faith, hope and expectation that God will turn this for GOOD! I am believing that Eric will be one of the 100,000 that is freed from the LGBT lifestyle and will in turn lead others out! Please agree with me! Thank you for sharing the vision!


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