DAY 20: Here am I Send me

Mar 20, 2019

“Consciously or unconsciously, one lives not only one’s life but the life of one’s time…are our dreams, for example, to some degree facets, of a larger mass dream that is beginning to happen in the world? To put it another way, when God wants to initiate a new movement in history, God does not intervene directly, but sends us dreams and visions that can if attended to, initiate a process.”

-Walter Wink


I think it’s very significant that in a previous video I shared how my daughter dreamed of Loren Cunningham and through it was sent to the Himalayas. In this video, I share how my son dreamed of Loren Cunningham from which he was sent to the Himalayas. I wonder how many people are dreaming of this man, the founder of Youth With a Mission (YWAM) across the earth. I wonder if their dreams are tens of thousands of echoes of Loren’s original dream.


In 1956, 20-year-old Loren Cunningham while on a singing tour in the Bahamas, asked God to speak to him. “Suddenly I was looking up at a map of the world,” said Loren. “Only the map was alive, moving!” It was like a movie playing before him and he saw waves crashing over nations and continents. He said in his book ‘Is That Really You God?’, “The waves became young people, kids my age and even younger covering the continents.” He was seeing waves of young people preaching the gospel in the nations. According to Mark Batterson more than a half a century later, there are more than 18,000 YWAM staff members in 1,100 ministry locations in more than 180 countries.


Was my daughter and son’s dream ‘Here Am I Send Me’ the continuation of the original dream of Loren Cunningham? Isn’t that amazing that one dream could be a seed that if watered and nourished, could become a tree whose branches and fruit fill the whole earth? Behind my daughter and son’s dreams of Loren Cunningham, there was their father’s throbbing prayer at work. I wonder who was praying, “Lord of the harvest, thrust forth laborers,” in Loren’s spiritual downline. It’s time for the fulfillment of Loren’s mass dream.


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  1. Austin

    Hey Lou. It’s interesting from me going to the send with my wife and not knowing many of the speakers there but at the moment Loren started praying that night, I had my vision answered after 2 years of seeing it! I do not know to much about him or the YWAM but I know that night the spirit broke through!


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