Day 1: The Blueprint

Mar 1, 2019

In those days Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan… Immediately the Spirit drove Him to go out into the wilderness. And He was in the wilderness forty days. – Mark 1:9,12-13 (ESV)

“Before there was ever an original Jesus movement, there was an original Jesus fast.”
– Lou Engle

We have just come from The Send where tens of thousands in Camping World Stadium, released the sound of sending laborers into the harvest field. It was all initiated six years ago in Orlando when we declared that the Send gathering would be a Jordan river crossing moment where like when John released his ministry to Jesus we would enter into a new era of a Jesus Movement in America.

On February 22, 2018, the day after Billy Graham died, a young man had the following dream:

In the dream Billy Graham had died and left these words to be read after his passing: “I have hidden a treasure for those who seek to find. The treasure map is in The Book.” Knowing The Book to mean the Bible, I opened my Bible and immediately turned to a treasure map that read: “Go to the river. Find the strongest, most well-rooted tree. Take 40 steps east into the wilderness from the strongest tree. There dig.”

So, I followed the instructions on the map: went to the river, found the strongest tree, took 40 steps eastward from the tree into the wilderness, and began digging. Six feet down I found a wooden treasure chest that was shaped like a coffin. In the chest was an endless number of sickles. I thought, “A man could spend his entire life giving away these sickles and would never give them all away!” Inscribed into the wood on the inside of the chest were the words, “The harvest is ripe. Equip the laborers.”

We believe this is a present moment that must be seized. We have gone down to ‘the Jordan’ at The Send. As in the dream, we came to Jesus, the Strong Tree. But like when the Spirit drove Jesus into the wilderness we now gladly follow the Master 40 steps into 40 Days of Fasting in death to our flesh. This fast we believe will loose the sickles of evangelism to every believer for a global harvest.
He came out of the wilderness filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and those who sat in darkness saw a great light. Is Jesus now once again walking out this blueprint in the body of Christ for a new Jesus Movement? Be strong my friends. Life follows death! The fast becomes the festival of harvest

Jesus, across the world, we release the grace of the Jesus Fast to unleash a world-wide Jesus Movement. Lord stir hearts for such a time as this! Let the whole Body set their face in this fast, believing for the manifestation of Jesus the Evangelist! Ekballo laborers!!


    • Pam

      Help me Lord to not use my mind I trust you in the wondering

  1. Rod Semeniuk

    Beginning a 40 day fast today. That will end Last day of. Battle for Canada. May 19. Edmonton Alberta

  2. Shanda Anema

    There’s a long testimony that accompanies the series of events that has brought me to this wilderness season. I’m committing to a 40-day fast today. “LORD, my life is yours.”

    • Esteban Gecchelin

      God Bless you in your Fasting!


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