Day 5: “Billy Graham, I will not let you go!”

Mar 5, 2019

Read 2 Kings 2.
Seventy years ago, Billy Graham pitched his tent in Los Angeles, and Jesus the evangelist was manifested through him and many others. In the course of his lifetime, Billy preached the Gospel to more than 215 million individuals, but I am convinced that his life was a down payment for a nameless and faceless generation to come that would fill stadiums across the whole earth. It is time for Billy Graham’s mantle to come on entire nations!
Years ago I received a word that I was to watch closely for the passing of Billy Graham. Earlier in 2018, in an extended season of fasting and prayer, I was reading about the mantle of Elijah passing to Elisha. Next to the passage, I wrote in big letters in my Bible: “Billy Graham I will not let you go until I get a double-portion of your mantle on the next generation.” What I did not know was that Graham would pass away in just ten days! When he passed, I knew that it was the moment we had been waiting for all these years. Seventy years were up! When Daniel understood that it was time, he set his face to fasting and prayer. We just held the Send with 59,000 praying for Billy Graham’s mantle. It is time to fast. 
Fasting is the great era-shifter. Moses’ 40-Day fast shifted Israel into the era where the glory of God was made manifest.  His fast released a double-portion on Joshua, whose name means “The Lord Saves.” Elijah’s 40-Day fast released a double-portion on Elisha, whose name means “God Saves.” John the Baptist’s lifestyle of fasting and even Jesus’ 40-Day Fast released the prototype, a double-portion Son, our Jesus, whose name means “The Lord Saves.” 

I believe that this 40-Day fast can release a season of the double-portion Jesus Movement, through which the Lord will save prodigals, drug addicts, those held in bondage, and release Stadium Christianity into the earth!


Lord, we believe that the millions who heard Billy Graham’s preaching was just a down payment of what You are about to do.  Loose a double-portion on the next generation! Release Stadium Christianity in America and all of the nations of the earth!

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  1. Ruth Cube keijdener

    I have been seeing for the past year double numbers on my phone for the time : I kept asking the Lord what doe ait mean Lord – until this morning still seeing double numbers and just recently I kept claiming double portion of anointing , specifically for what He is doing in and through me for Asia and around the world , double portion of health and wealth to see my dream worth God to come to pass . I’m on my 6th day of fasting and my friend said to me get the devotional from you and now finally I got the confirmation about my double digits and stadium Christianity . I am on my second stadium conference in Manila beautifullowerfulwomen.com , it’s for everyone but spearheaded by the dream gave me and women I’m called to have . These very words from you resonated so nicely in my heart . Ok la pray for us too . May 31 -june 2 hearts on Fire is our conference in Cuneta Astrodome in Manila with David hogan and Mel Tari . Halleujah .


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