Day 3: Atomic Power for the Harvest

Mar 3, 2019

For the last 18 years of TheCall, we have mobilized thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, to 40-Day fasts in key seasons of our nation, but it was in 2014, that God brought a man named Dean Briggs into my life. God knit our hearts together, and we began to dream together. We co-authored a book called The Jesus Fast, believing for the body of Christ worldwide to be thrust into 40-day seasons of fasting and prayer for a new harvest.
During the writing of The Jesus Fast, Dean and I had been traveling together in London. At the end of a long day, we were making our way back to our hotel. We arrived at the scene of cordoned-off police tape around the entrance. An undetonated WWII bomb had been discovered, and the area was declared unsafe while the bomb was being diffused and excavated. At that moment, my co-author Dean Briggs recalled a dream he had years earlier. The full dream is in the book The Jesus Fast, but in short:
In the dream, Dean was an engineer who was on a top-secret mission to detonate an atomic bomb. As he was making his way to the bomb, a fire breaks out, encircling the bomb and forcing everyone away. But in the dream, a friend who is like life-coach appears to him and declares, “Go to the fire, Dean! Go to the fire!” Finally, Dean dashes forward through the fire and detonates the atomic bomb. A massive mushroom cloud fills the whole sky, and suddenly, the entire sky fills with a message like the largest movie screen in history. 
Around the planet, no one could escape the panoramic story of the Gospel told straight from God himself…the window of time to respond was now suddenly short. In the dream, Mike Bickle declares, “Everything is about to change, and we must be prepared! For this is the beginning of the billion soul harvest!” As the vision fades, Dean runs into a shell-shocked young man, who readily receives the gospel. He recalls that nearly all were willing to surrender to Christ. As the dream ends, signs and wonders are breaking out everywhere. Miracles of healing were everywhere!  The anointing to save, heal and deliver was following even the simplest preaching of the Gospel. 
Dean recalls waking up at 3:16 AM –John 3:16.
As Dean remembered the dream, we stumbled upon a pathway that gave way to a hidden entrance to our hotel. That street was called Engineer’s Way. We knew it was a sign and a confirmation –just like Dean was an engineer in the dream, God was confirming to us that this was His way for a worldwide Jesus Movement. Atomic power through prayer and fasting!
Lord, we ask that you would release a Jesus Fast for atomic power in the nations. We believe that You do not fasten our souls to dead-end visions. We believe You for a worldwide Jesus Movement!


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