2020 Year-End Review

Dear Friends, Partners, and Intercessors across the world, 

It is with deep gratefulness that I write this year-end letter to all of you who have helped fuel an amazing year of fasting and prayer in one of the most dramatic and traumatic years in history. And wouldn’t that be the case, that in the days of a global pandemic, racial division and riots, and election chaos, prayer would be the centerpiece of it all. 

In November 2019, I barely escaped death with life-threatening blood clots. I was held up for two weeks in Argentina under the care of the best doctors in the nation, and the best churches. I have good news to report, that I have no blood clots anymore! Thank you for your love and prayers that sustained me. Out of that season, I felt the Lord speak to me to shut down most of my travel for this year 2020. Little did I know that the whole world would shut down because of the coronavirus.

In February, Lou Engle Ministries was privileged to be a part of the great mobilization of The Send Brazil, where 150,000 young Brazilians pledged their lives to GO and carry the gospel. From there we launched a 20-year life dream of mine, the Global 40-day Jesus Fast with over 100,000 joining us from 193 nations. Millions read our devotionals, people around the world were encouraged and changed. From that fast, these significant prayer initiatives were birthed. 

  1. 50-Day prayer series called Passover to Pentecost
  2. TURN The Upper Room Network
  3. 40-Day Hinge of History Fast for the elections
  4. 30-day Esther prayer movement that we believe will lead to a million women on the mall in 2022
  5. 21-Day prayer strike with 50 intercessors gathered together praying for the elections
  6. Native American prayer initiatives
  7. Joined with Sean Feucht’s Let Us Worship gathering at the mall in DC 
  8. Litany of Life. 21-Day Fast with many across the nation doing a Daniel fast 

Though I look back at this year having experienced seasons of disappointment, discouragement, and some of the greatest challenges of my life, I think the Lord brought forth the most fruitfulness and fulfillment of promises that I have ever known.

We look to 2021 seeking to begin mobilizing a million women to the mall in Washington DC, 2022. We are launching again a Global 40-day fast for Israel and the spiritual harvest of America from March 1st – April 9th. We are mobilizing for The Send to go to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City on June 12th that I believe could be a major flashpoint for a breakthrough in revival, Israel, and the life movement. 

One of the most shocking things to me is how extraordinarily in moments of time people have financially thrown down and funded Lou Engle Ministries. The only way I can explain this is that God himself was moving people to support the desperate need for prayer at this hour. I am so grateful to all of you. Now, as we move into this significant new year I ask you to keep fueling and funding these divine endeavors, that together we may experience the reward of soul satisfaction, knowing we poured it all out and have heard the voice of the Father saying, “Well done good and faithful servant.” 

-Lou Engle

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